Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Little trip to Littleton

I am not very good at being a respecter of pictures. Thus you get a lot. So here it goes:

The boys (plus Grandpa Jim) traveled to the Denver Art Museum to see the King Tut exhibit. They got to take the train there and I know they loved that.

Just being in a big city was pretty exciting (what's not exciting about seeing a bunch of homeless men - including one who they weren't quite sure was still breathing. . .)

The boys are hard at work at their "Pharaoh collars."

There are the collars - super cool. Miles was a little disappointed that the exhibit didn't have mummies. He really got into mummies and King Tut from a National Geographic we got from the grandparents. In fact, one day a couple weeks ago Miles told me, "When I die I want to donate my body to science and become a mummy." Lovely.

Friday (I'm out of order since King Tut was on Saturday. . .) was like 65 degrees! So most of the day was spent outdoors. We went to the Littleton Historic Museum (as always) and enjoyed that too - well except the gusty wind. Here's cute Emmy struggling with a miniature wheelbarrow.

Much better for the wee little gal.

Miles just had to have a picture taken on the tractor. Pretty fun.

Oh my are they adorable?

Feeding the sheep (right next to the "Don't feed the animals" sign. We stopped after we saw the sign. And got a few pictures of course.)

Love this. Love them.

Here we are at the blacksmith's shop. He gave some great (and lengthy) lectures. He also turned out to be Ben's chemistry teacher from HS - Mr. Pittman, I think.

In the backyard at Grandma's and Grandpa's. Climbing trees is just so irresistible to boys.

Playing with some toys.

The beautiful grandma with her beautiful grandbaby.

And another beautiful woman: Great-Grandma Dee holding a thumb-sucking Lucy Dee. Precious.

And I didn't even think I got a lot of pictures - ha! But I did miss some highlights like Ben and I going out each evening after our kids were "in bed." The kids really weren't settled down and kept Grandma and Grandpa running for a little bit (thanks again!). (By the way - the last 3 nights the kids have hardly, if at all, made a peep at bedtime thanks to their not-going-down-so-great antics.) Ben and I enjoyed going to the Tattered Cover one nite (like Barnes and Noble), to Old Navy (got Lucy a little Christmas PJ shirt), and visiting with our great friends - Pete and Katie Sabey. Other highlights included the kids getting to watch "Prince of Egypt" on Sunday, making gingerbread cookie dough with Emmy then decorating them with everyone else, eating yummy dinners not made by me, Ben finding "The Little House cookbook" and making his first recipe from it - custard pie. Going on a run one morning WITH Ben. But we really mostly enjoy just being with "extra" family - it just makes life really good.


Niederfam said...

Family is GREAT isn't it??/ So fun. Glad you were able to "get away"

erinmalia said...

you got some great shots from the weekend. i love the one with all the kids.

Emily said...

You take your kids to do the most creative things!! Looks like a lot of fun!

Debbie said...

No mummies at the King Tut exhibit?! Darn, that is disappointing! :)
Great pics Em! It's cool that Ben takes them places and gets pictures too.

courtney said...

jealous! and glad you are no respecter of pictures - the more the merrier, i say. can't get enough of the littleton historical museum and i can't believe mr. pitman works there. i loved that guy. :)

even more jealous hearing about your nights out and all the family time PLUS dinners not made by you. that sounds like heaven.

I love that ben found the little house cookbook. i checked that out from our library to see if they had a recipe for "head cheese" in it - - not because i wanted to make it, but just because it was mentioned so often i had to know what it was. gross. oh, and i was curious about ma's sourdough biscuits. ;)

Nicole said...

How fun! The king tut exhibit sounds so neat! No mummies? Well, I don't blame Miles for wanting to see some!

Those are some of the cutest pictures of your kids!! Darling!!