Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lucy = 4 months

Lucy wins the "My favorite child of the week" contest this week. Even with her middle of the night (morning?) feedings! I know, I know - parents aren't supposed to have favorites. But it's been a whopper of a week with my other kids and so she deserves this.

Happy 4 months girl!

She's still just as cute and yummy as she was at 3 months. She still wakes up during the night/early-morning to feed. She still fusses (a lot!) during 5-6pm. She still does not roll-over. She is still madly adored by her siblings. She is still our Lucy Dee and we sure do love her.


Nicole said...

Still sweet and cute! The balloon is so cool! Really...and those are stickers right? On her shirt? So fun!!

emily said...

the balloon was leftover from jonas' b-day - they were cool! :)

yep, stickers. my sister bought them and i love them!

erinmalia said...

so cute!

Meg said...

She is so cute. I loved Jonas's cake. Where did you come up with the idea?

courtney said...

she is adorable!