Sunday, January 16, 2011


We just barely got this photo in - it was 7pm (bedtime) and I remembered that we had forgotten to take her 5-month picture. Luckily we got it on the right day.

Lucy = joy.

She really does. She brings so much joy to our whole family. The kids adore her still and they all talk to her in these high, squealy voices. Adorable. When we decided to put Lucy in a high-chair this week and give her water (water!), Miles, Jonas, and Emmy went ballistic. They were so excited for Lucy (water!). You would have thought we just told the kids that they get treats for all their meals for the next 10 years (they were that excited. no joke).

Jonas sung a song to her with his guitar tonite. In fact, he sung two songs to her. But the first one was about her going to the bathroom on the toilet; it wasn't terribly sweet. But the second one was pretty darn cute - Ben even had Lucy dancing to it. It was great.

The other night as I was waiting for Miles to get out of the tub, I was holding Lucy and looking and talking in the mirror. I told her, "Oh you're just my favorite!" Miles said, "No she's not, Mom." So I said, "Oh, I know. She's my favorite baby. You're my favorite 1st grader. Jonas is my favorite 5-year old. Emmy is my favorite 3-year old."

Aren't I lucky to live with such favorites? (Especially the babe. . .)


Meg said...

SOOOOOOO cute! I'll call you soon.

Niederfam said...

So darling......and YES, I have a favorite 6 year old 4 year old and little girl, cause she's the ONLY one, and were keeping it that way!!! ;)

erinmalia said...

that is a great pic. her face doesn't look much like any of your other kids' faces, but i'm sure it's just the shot. i'll see in a couple of days!

Montrose Lewises said...

She is a LIVING DOLL! I love the stories about your sweet munchkins adoring her!

courtney said...

oh boy - i have a lot to catch up on! oh that lucy. she really is too cute. i think she would be my favorite too. ;)

btw, LOVE the new blog format!

Emily said...

She is adorable!! I hope to meet her one day!