Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Miles started back to school on Monday. And it's been a rather cold awakening back to our life of daily trekking it to and fro school. Yesterday was the coldest. When we were walking to school it was -7. Brrrrr. But all the kids had their snowpants, etc. on and I didn't hear one word of complaint. In fact, they all headed out back a few minutes early to play in the snow. Of course. Today was rather quite warm: 15 degrees. Weather is so relative.


erinmalia said...

this is the first year when i've really doubted my preference of winter over summer. maybe it's just because i feel like i can't ever get warm, you know? that lucy is awesome.

my word verification is mammyd. it's my new nickname for you (you know, mammy D).

emily said...

yeah, i think winter is just hard with kids. it's a pain getting them all bundled up - even to just go to the car. so that makes it a little un-fun. also, kids can't just get out and play nearly as much and so i think it causes a little stir-craziness for us all.

so i think me, myself, all by myself, way prefers winter over summer. but for my kids' sake i do like the summer.

rebecca said...

Summer over winter any day! I hate being cold. I am a big baby too. I've been freezing here in California where we've hit the 30s at night and barely hit 60 during the day. Good thing I don't live in Colorado. :)

Love that puffy marshmallow baby.

courtney said...

i still consider myself a winter girl - but summers here in VA are pure torture and winters are pretty mild. maybe i would change my mind if i moved back to colorado?

i get goosebumps just thinking about -7. brrrrrrrrrr is right!