Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Ben took 3 out of the 4 kids ice skating on New Year's Day while we were in Midway. My parents went, too, and were of help; while I stayed cozied and warm at my parent's home with yummy Lucy.

It was a cold, cold day and so I was nervous about my kids being happy and warm. But when they came back they all had had a great time - especially, and very especially, the biggest one (Ben). Ben loved, loved, loved it. And the other kids did, too.
Jonas just kind of scooted around on his skates. He didn't try "skating" too much, if at all. Ben wasn't sure if he was a little bummed because he wasn't as good as he imagined himself to be. I don't know?

Emmy, the Ice Princess.

Classic Miles - chewing on an article of clothing (this time his coat). But Miles actually surprised Ben (and his grandparents) by actually skating around - albeit with an orange cone, but still. . . He actually pushed off his skates. Awesome.

The cute ice skating trio.

One more great picture of our Ice Princess.


erinmalia said...

so fun. rhett is starting to eat his clothes. did he inherit this from miles?

Emily said...

Looks like a success!! Glad that Ben had some fun too :)