Sunday, January 30, 2011

Midway, Jan. 2011 = Family and Fun

Last Saturday, early morning (before 5am-early), we headed out for Midway. My sister, her husband, and cutie boy Rhett, arrived within 5 minutes of us. They flew in from the Maryland. We hung out at my parents' home for a bit and then we went to check out the amazing ice castles in the center of town. (Some guy "makes" them.)
The cousins together - finally.

Cool castles, huh!?

Here are the cousins enjoying a snack together: my kids' favorite snack at Grandma Dixie's - frozen Go-Gurts.

My brother, from Alaska, arrived in Midway Sunday morning. That evening we had my mother's mom and father's dad over for dinner (as well as my sister's friends) and so we naturally had to shoot some family photos:
Each child with Grandma and Grandpa. Too bad Lucy isn't looking.

Too cute.

Love it.

He started the whole "just me and Grandma and Grandpa" thing. . . :)

Great-Grandma Phyllis (jelly-bean Grandma) and Uncle Derek with Lucy. It was totally fun seeing my brother interact with my kids. He was great and fun.

The family.

On Monday morning the boys (Ben, Miles, and Jonas) took the train back home (the train left at 4:30am! Poor boys). The boys had a fantastic train ride, though - lovin' every minute of it. What an adventure. The boys went back home b/c Ben had to work and Miles had school and Jonas. . . just because. I stayed with my family and my 2 girls for the rest of the week in Midway. It was pretty great. Ben's folks came over to Montrose to take care of the boys and cook and play and work on projects while Ben was at work all day. How perfect, huh?!

On Monday we did some sledding (or was it Tuesday???). The neighbor right next door to my parent's home "built" a sledding track - it was so perfect for the kids (and the big kids, too, like Uncle Chuck. . .)
Aunt-E was great to take Emmy down again and again - even with Rhett, too. Emmy had a blast!

We sent the kids down on their own. They only did it once, but I think they had fun. They are simply adorable.

On Wednesday we met up with my sister's friend and her sweet boy and went to the Children's Museum in SLC. It was some fun times for sure - especially for Emmy.

Playing in the bird house.

Emmy tucking in her baby doll.

So sweet.

Emmy doing her womanly duties.

And I think those were all the pictures I took. Some other highlights include: eating soft-served frozen yogurt several times while there, starting and finishing a book for my book club, hanging out with my family each day and actually having time to just visit, just being with my girls (tho I for sure missed my boys - big and little), going to IKEA, taking Emmy swimming at the club-house pool which was super warm and had nobody else there, eating my sister's fabulous root-beer cookies, Emmy sleeping wonderfully on the papasan, going running every morning - including a couple times with my sister, being surrounded by such a beautiful area, getting to know better my adorable, smart, and funny nephew Rhett, and a drive home that was pretty much perfect. Perfect. As in not a single cry from my 2 girls. Naps - looooong ones - from each of my girls. The only problem with the drive??? The girls were sooooo good that I was extremely bored. . .

But it was a good way to end such a fantastic week.


erinmalia said...

yeah for us! it was a great week. thanks to jim and diana for letting you stay with me a bit longer. :)

Montrose Lewises said...

Okay we have to go to Midway... Yowza!

My word verification is atedead =/
blech ;)

Nicole said...

So fun!! Sounds like everyone had a great time.