Friday, December 31, 2010

Our 2010 wrap-up

Ben – bed-builder, unique pie-maker, work-goer, bicycle-commuter, day-dreamer, happy 1971 VW bug seller

Emily – birth-giver, swing-pusher, family blogger, morning-exerciser, book-club attender, to & fro school-walker

Miles – 1st-grader, school-lover, craft-maker, new-reader, question-asker, ear-talker

Jonas – Lucy-lover, bike-rider, compliment-giver, cheerio-eater, stunt-attempter, notebook-writer

Emmy – treat-lover, princess-admirer, clothes-changer, made-up-song-singer, kitchen helper, doll-player

Lucy – milk-drinker, smile-maker, baby-talker, round-cheeker, bald-spotter, heart-melter


erinmalia said...

it's a really great pic, em! good work.

Joe said...

Hi Emily. Can I have a copy of this picture that doesn't say "Merry Christmas" and maybe is a little bigger--like 4x6 or 5x7? I'd love to have it in our home.

rebecca said...

I love the new title picture so much! Your kids look amazing.

Niederfam said...

excellent photos....cute sledding footage too!!! so fun. darling little updates and family......;)