Saturday, January 08, 2011


So Miles got a science experiment book for Christmas. We started looking at some things last Thursday and this is the one that Miles wanted to do right away:
Would you be scared if your name was "Dad"? Ha. So what we did was filled up an empty bottle with water, all the way to the top. Put lid on. Then poked about 4-6 holes with a tiny pin around the bottom perimeter of the bottle - about an inch up from the very bottom. Some water will spill out, but then it will stop. When a person comes and opens the bottle, tiny sprays of water get them all over. Ha! Actually, just by picking it up you get sprayed a little.

It was fun and Ben was a great sport. The book said to write "Do not open," on the bottle, but I told Miles that Dad wouldn't open it if it said that. So, thus, Miles came up with "Do not open, but Dad can." Too funny.

p.s. Miles can explain, pretty well, the science behind it. :)


Emily said...

Ha ha, clever Miles!! So funny!

Nicole said...

Ha ha! Love the experiment! Maybe I'll have to try that one on Justin... :)

Love the new blog look!!

erinmalia said...

this is great. please share the other experiments (and their outcomes).