Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week at home with no Mom = Party!

Okay, so maybe not a party, but I know my boys had a wonderful, wonderful time with Grandpa Max and Grandma Diana.
Grandpa took Miles to school each day and picked him up. Here they are inside Miles' classroom. I love this picture.

Grandpa Max is a project man. He is so helpful when he comes out. Here Jonas is "helping" out with something. :) We had bought cabinet knobs for our kitchen and Jim put them all on. He also fixed an unfinished vent in our bathroom. He's great.

Isn't this such a sweet, sweet picture? Oh I love it. Jonas had a fantastic time with Grandma Diana. As she said, "I don't think I've colored so much in my entire life!" She colored with him, played Minotaurs with him, etc., etc. I have no doubt Jonas was in heaven.

Dinner-time. Diana cooked all the meals. What a treat.

We girls all arrived back in Montrose on Friday afternoon. Saturday it felt like Spring - 48 degrees and sunny. We took advantage and got outside:
Lucy fell asleep in the warm, warm sun. Dang she is just too cute.

Here we are heading out. The boys were already way ahead of course. . .

I LOVE this! Jonas and Emmy came up with this on their own. Jonas' bike got a flat tire - which made it pretty much unrideable (not a word?). Emmy had given up on the trike and so we let Jonas on it. Soon Jonas was driving Emmy around on the back. Loved it.

Isn't this a fantastic photo? Ha. All my boys riding their bikes. :) Ben is a master of riding itty-bitty bikes. I'm not joking. That man is amazing. :)

Oh it was wonderful to be out. And it was also wonderful to be back home with the rest of my family.

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erinmalia said...

oh, what a great time they had! glad to see they didn't miss you. :)