Sunday, February 27, 2011

I can't think of one

Oh my this is one of my most favorite pictures of Lucy. Ever. I don't know why. It cracks me up. I had no idea of it until I turned on the camera to take a picture and saw this beauty. Ben took it. It's pure awesomeness in my {not-so} humble opinion. I'm not sure who put that "snake" on Lucy - Emmy perhaps? Ben? Lucy would be a doll in curlers. :)

Emmy's quote of the week:

"Jesus see us all the time. He sees us eating. He sees us sleeping. He sees us going potty."

p.s A very Happy Birthday to a most beautiful woman - my Grandmother Whicker. She's a lovely lady and one of the most positive and up-beat women I know. She is also known as "Jelly Bean Grandma" to my kids. For obvious reasons. We all love her lots and lots!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've had some warmer weather (and not-so-warmer weather, too) in the past couple of weeks. One day, with it nearing mid-50s, it felt like spring. So I decided to try Lucy in the baby-swing. . .
She's not quite sure what to think, do, etc.

But she is learning to smile at the camera.

Ahhhhh, she loved it. :)

Then yesterday the kids decided to go fishing. Miles is enraptured by a fish called the goonch. He talks about it a lot. So he had convinced himself and perhaps Jonas that there was a goonch in our backyard "pond." (Pond = melted snow water with mud, dirt, sand, etc. that sits upon our tarp covering the sandbox.) So they decided to fish for it. With sandwich meat as bait. Unfortunatley the only thing that got hooked was, ummmmm, Ben's derriere. Nice. I'm sure they'll try again soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

he did stop in winter and he did cool by the sun

The title comes from a sentence that Miles created with word magnets at our Silverton get-away house.

(p.s. HUGE post. Lots of words. LOADS of pictures.)

Yes, our family actually had a little get-away. Fun for us! It was only 2 days and 1 night - but that's pretty big for us. (Mind you, we do get away - visiting or vacationing with our extended family. Which is heavenly, mind you. But our family, just the 6 of us, don't get-away too much. So it was a big deal to us.)

We went to Silverton - a mountain town about 1 1/2 hours away (2 hours on the way back. . . more of that story to come). There is the perfect ski-mountain there for our family. Kendall Mountain. We went last year and fell in love. And I was determined that this year we would try and go 2 days in a row - so that the kids can improve the first day and cruise the second day. And with some wonderful Christmas money we saved it for this trip - totally worth it.

So I found a cute little home in town and rented it for the nite. Check out the home here. (Check out "gallery" for pictures.) It was a great little home for our family. Miles fell immediately in love. I'm not sure totally why. But he didn't want to leave it. He was completely sad. Jonas even said, "I wanna go back to our cute home." Meaning the home in Silverton.

We got there on Friday morning and Jonas started skiing first with Ben. Then Miles' turn. Then Emmy's turn. While they were taking turns with Ben, I was at home with the other kids - napping Lucy and playing games, getting food ready, etc. Then I shuttled the kids back to the mountain, traded out the kids, and came back. It worked out pretty great. Friday nite we watched a movie on the hide-a-bed couch. Awesome.

Saturday morning Ben took the 3 older kids to the outdoor ice-rink and played around. It had snowed a few inches and so it wasn't perfect, but Ben came back gleaming and stated, "I love ice-skating!" So I think he had a great time. The kids loved playing around, too. Then we did the skiing thing again - trading off the kids, etc. I stayed a little more at the mountain as it wasn't so windy and it sure was fun seeing the kiddos come down the mountain. They definitely improved from day 1 to day 2. Well for the boys. Emmy just skis down the mountain in sort-of lalaland. Ben told me she bends over to look at her skis (pink!), etc. Too cute. But the boys started doing some great turns on day 2. Big improvement. Miles was completely harness-free that day, too. He did so great! As did Jonas! Ben thinks they are pretty much the same level of skier. Jonas just thinks he's so much greater. :) He might be a little more coordinated, and a little more faster, but that's it. They all LOVED it. They all wanted to do it more, and more, and more.

But we had to go. And we left at the height of the storm. Blizzardy. Now the pass from our home to Silverton (or vice-versa) is slightly treacherous. In summer. Extremely treacherous in a snowstorm. I wanted to cry. Ben told me not to, so I didn't. Check out a picture of the pass here: http://ouraylovers.com/red-mountain-pass4.jpg. That shows you a section where there is 1. no shoulder, 2. no guard-rail, and 3. steep, deep cliff. Scary, eh? Now put snow on that there road. Puke. Other sections include about a dozen hair-pin curves with, during normal driving conditions, a recommended speed of 10mph. Ben was awesome, though, and went so super slow that we really didn't have any problem (tho, yes, I still wanted to cry). And blessings of blessings, by the time we got to scary drop-out cliff place, snow had changed to misty rain and the roads even cleared up. We celebrated when we got to Ouray (no more mountain passes!) we girl-scout cookies. Awesome.

Anyways, the trip was perfectly heavenly for the kids. Just what I wanted.


Look ma, no hands.

He did so great and made me very proud of him. Very.

Um, adorable too.

So this is how he skis - with his tongue out. Too funny.

Cruisin' right along. . . with the tongue out again. :)

Oh sweet gal.

Too stinkin' cute. She suffers, apparently, from whatever her Aunt-E suffered from as a little girl. I'm not sure of the exact name, but something along the lines of: must-tilt-head-to-side-when-picture-being-taken. (Remind me to scan in some photos of Aunt-E and this.)

There she does it again. Is she a ski-babe or what?


A snowy finish!

And Lucy had fun times, too. Hanging out in the car. (See how yummy she is?)

She also spent time out in the snow. There was a huge snow-mound that the other kiddos loved playing on. They probably spent a few hours on it. Lucy and I would just watch the world around us. She looked quite beautiful doing so.

Here's Lucy in front of "our" little place.

The kids all slept on the hide-a-bed. Well until 4am. Then Lucy's cries kind of stirred them awake. They had a little trouble going back to sleep, so Emmy came and slept with me and Ben slept with the boys.

Just for fun: Lucy and something lurking in the background. . .

Can't get enough of Lucy. . .

Oh yes, there was lots of Lucy-lovin' going on, too.

Whoweee. The end.

(p.s. I'll post videos tomorrow.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1/2 way to a year

Lucy is 6-months today. Time continues to fly, no zoom, on by.

I always say that Lucy is yummy or delicious. It's because, out of all my babes, she definitely has the most fat - I'm sure that fat is 100% sweet cream, with her being so sweet and all. But, dang, she really is a chub - her cheeks, wrists, and legs are just adorably plump.

She's a pure (okay, 98%) delight. Lucy Deelight Maxwell. That's right.

She loves her family. Eating. Sitting upright. Drooling. Everything that crinkles (wrappers, etc.). Animal sounds, especially meow.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A few more pics of V-day just cuz. . .

Working hard on decorating some cookies. We made cookies just because we didn't have enough sugar already. . . . . yeah right.

Miles making a heart. Oh sweetie.

Oh me oh my. Yum. She is too delicious. And oh so loved by us all. (p.s. if you read my other post from today and click on the link it will take you to v-day 3 years ago. there you can see emmy wearing the same shirt and looking very similar to lucy. except for one thing: CHEEKS. whoa does lucy have some chub-cheeks. they are delightful to kiss.)

Valentines is already alive and well here. . .

First of all, Miles cleaned up his room this morning as a special "valentine's surprise." Awesome. (Mind you, Ben and I cleaned up their room on Friday nite while they were sleeping. It was our "heart-service" we had talked about in FHE that week (we all had hearts with our family member's name on it and we were do to something nice for that person and leave a heart.) Anyways, the point is that the room was totally cleaned up on Friday nite. But by last nite it was a mess again. So Miles really did do a great thing!)

Miles made Ben and I cards weeks ago. Mine said, "To mom, I love you and I hope that the snowflake is good." (He had cut-out a snowflake.)

Eating their valentine's gift from mom and dad. A chocolate dinosaur on wheels.

Emmy's was a cat.

Miles with his class valentines (you scratch off the pink part to reveal your secret valentine's message). He's a handsome valentine, for sure!

Miles wanted me to take a picture of their chocolate. Cute.

This is AMAZING. Miles eating it. Once we gave Miles a chocolate dump truck and he didn't eat it for months. In fact, I think we had to throw it away. . . So far he only ate the spikes on the dinosaur and the wheels. He wants to keep as much of the dinosaur in tact as possible.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Newsworthy (updated with scanned-in photo)

The Maxwells did it again. We are on the front page of the paper - this time, though, it's Emmy and Jonas. You can check out the link, but it's good only for today (then I'll scan in a picture once I get a copy of the paper).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enough already!

Okay, I'm tired of the cold. Tired of it. Wintry snow - that's beautiful and lovely. I'll take you. But the cold, ugh. Now I'm not talking about 30s or even 20s. I'm talking about bone-chilling single-digits and negative temps. Temps I've gotten to walk in every morning this week - and last week. . . I don't totally mind the walk, it's just getting 4 kids ready to walk in the cold. All bundled up. All lagging behind schedule. At least one of them resisting getting ready. Etc. Once we are out, fine (except for the extreme slow-pokiness of Jonas). But I'm tired of having to get on snow-pants, snow coats, gloves, hats, boots x 4.

Okay, enough of the venting. I've got kids to dress. . .

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Quote of the Week

So Ben was finishing up bath with the boys. It was getting late, i.e. the point where they should have been in bed by now - books read, milk drunk, teeth brushed, etc. But the boys were still in the tub because they did not want to get out yet - after several implorings by Ben. So Ben and I were discussing that they probably don't get books read since the time was passed. Miles then asked, "Well will you read the scriptures?" Ben said, "Yes."

To which Jonas, who was sobbing because we weren't going to read books, said, amidst his cries:

"But I want a good book!"


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Few Odds 'n Ends

I really just wanted to brag about my child, Miles. That's okay, right? I am his mom and so I do have bragging rights. :) I was so proud of that boy Miles last Sunday. I was grinning ear-to-ear I have no doubt (Jonas was too - which was super-duper cute!). Miles gave a talk in primary - his first talk all. by. himself. And it was just about perfect. Ben and Miles had talked that week about his talk-topic and on Friday Ben and I typed out a talk for him (yes, I know, one day he will write his own talk as well). We did leave a section of the talk for him to tell a scripture story on his own. We reviewed the talk a few times and he felt very comfortable with it. Then on Sunday he went up and delivered his talk - asking only once for help with a word ("commanded"). He did great in telling the story, too. Oh it was so exciting. And an even bonus: his grandparents (Ben's folks) got to see him, too.

Another thing: three's a crowd. At least for my family. (Yes, I know I have 4 kids - but Lucy doesn't "count" yet.) The whole week I spent with Lucy and Emmy at my parent's home I had hardly an ounce of trouble from her (meaning Emmy). I had a few (maybe even only 2?) times of frustrations from and with Emmy, but that was it. No loud screaming, yelling, or amazing tantrums. And from the report here, the boys were "awesome" (that is Jonas' new favorite word - I think I heard him say it over a dozen times today). Miles didn't pester Jonas. Jonas didn't whine. At all. Then, within 30 minutes of arriving back home, chaos once again engulfed our home. Emmy SCREAMED. Jonas WHINED. and Miles PESTERED. (well, really, I can't remember Miles pestering in those first 30 minutes. All I can remember is him sharing a toy with Emmy to make her feel better. But he has definitely pestered since we've been together again.) What gives? Me - perhaps I'm the problem? But I did have a problem-free week with Emmy, so it can't be just me. I've always heard of "three's a crowd," even in reference to children. I'd have to agree.

The boys just came down about 15 minutes ago. I spent about 30 extra minutes reading to them tonite - a Nancy Drew mystery book. Miles is in to mysteries these days. I enjoy them, too. Especially when I can figure it out waaaaay before it's "solved." (Right, these books are for 6-9 year olds. So I should figure it out waaaaay before. But at least I do :) Miles was stalling when he came down here. I asked him what the problem is. "I'm scared." He's into that phase, I guess. And then he being scared, scares Jonas, and if Emmy were still awake it would scare her. . . and so forth. So then we just talked for a bit. He wanted me to show him something that we read about in the Nancy Drew book. About them finding a "clue." The "clue crew" took a piece of paper from a room - it was blank, but it was underneath a stack of papers in which some girls had written some things down on the top piece of paper (am I making any sense at all?). So then the "clue crew" rubbed pencil on the blank sheet of paper and the words (from the top sheet of paper, that had been "pressed" onto the blank paper) appeared. Miles wanted me to demonstrate it. So I did.

The secret message? "Go to bed." Dang I thought I was funny. And so did the boys. :)

So they are back in the rooms, listening to primary songs on CD. Hopefully that will drive away all the scary monsters. . .

p.s. I was on the front-cover of our newspaper today. I don't think I'll scan the picture - but maybe I will at some point. I was out shoveling snow yesterday and someone from the paper came and took my picture. I'm pretty embarrassed about being on the front cover. Even though you can't see my face, I still don't think I look good. Go figure. I'd link you to it, but the online edition doesn't have the picture on it. Sorry. But you aint missing out on anything spectacular.

p.p.s Ben is MAKING me scan it in. So there you have it.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

She's a Big Girl Now. . .

Giving rice cereal to Lucy for her first time was, indeed, a family affair. Not only our whole family, but also Grandpa Max and Grandma Diana were there, too. I think Lucy was pretty interested in what was going on with all the excitement around her.

Huh, not too bad. She didn't balk.

Of course she wanted to feed herself and hold the spoon. Of course.

Yum. (Wow do I look serious about it.)

Still letting me feed her mush.

Not bad, not bad at all.

(This was last Saturday. Today is Tuesday. Day 3 of food. We've added sweet potatoes to the rice cereal and it goes over pretty well. Messy, but well. There are 2 downsides to introducing solids to babes. 1. Time. Now not only do I get to nurse her, I also get to serve her food (Which one takes more time? Feeding her food. Blech. And I still nurse her just as much. . . But I know this is how it starts and in time she'll feed more and nurse less. And I'll be sad. And a little happy. But just a little. . . ) 2. No more breastmilk-poop. Oh boohoo. Today I changed her first poop since starting to feed her and yuck. I totally remember this. It stinks. Literally.)