Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1/2 way to a year

Lucy is 6-months today. Time continues to fly, no zoom, on by.

I always say that Lucy is yummy or delicious. It's because, out of all my babes, she definitely has the most fat - I'm sure that fat is 100% sweet cream, with her being so sweet and all. But, dang, she really is a chub - her cheeks, wrists, and legs are just adorably plump.

She's a pure (okay, 98%) delight. Lucy Deelight Maxwell. That's right.

She loves her family. Eating. Sitting upright. Drooling. Everything that crinkles (wrappers, etc.). Animal sounds, especially meow.


megan said...

I'm partial to chubby babies. All of mine have been chubby so it's not hard to see why. I love her rosy cheeks, too.
(So I don't know why but your blog never shows up on my reader anymore, even when you post new things. Don't worry though, that won't keep me away!)

erinmalia said...

oooh, i love that little girl! tell megan that private blogs don't come up in reader.

Niederfam said...

oh she is such a SWEETIE....... ;) WOW, went by FAST for me. ;) Happy belated V-day, looks like the kiddos throughly enjoyed it.......

As for your question on V-day....Preston is GOOD, he really is, and I do get TOTALLY spoiled, sometimes embarrassingly so.........BUT the flowers, his idea totally. The necklace I sent him a link too, it came up on a Groupon, and I LOVED it, so he picked up on the oh so subtle hint...as for the bike, a BIG BIG surprise, I'd been wanting one, for a while now, but the list is long, and they are expensive, and I just thought I'd wait forever, train on a gym bike for the TRI, then borrow one for the race, I'd had multiple friends and family offer their bike, while they were out of commission for one reason or another, but once I committed to the TRI, he committed to buying the bike. It just came in today, but the mechanic is away, so as soon as he's back and it's put together, I'm off on my way!!!!! Cross your fingers, I'm a natural. ;)