Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've had some warmer weather (and not-so-warmer weather, too) in the past couple of weeks. One day, with it nearing mid-50s, it felt like spring. So I decided to try Lucy in the baby-swing. . .
She's not quite sure what to think, do, etc.

But she is learning to smile at the camera.

Ahhhhh, she loved it. :)

Then yesterday the kids decided to go fishing. Miles is enraptured by a fish called the goonch. He talks about it a lot. So he had convinced himself and perhaps Jonas that there was a goonch in our backyard "pond." (Pond = melted snow water with mud, dirt, sand, etc. that sits upon our tarp covering the sandbox.) So they decided to fish for it. With sandwich meat as bait. Unfortunatley the only thing that got hooked was, ummmmm, Ben's derriere. Nice. I'm sure they'll try again soon.


erinmalia said...

ugh, that pond is so yucky! how do you clean it out without spilling it all over you? i love the pic of all the kids fishing in it though.

Nicole said...

Oh, so cute! She is getting so big!! Love the fishing pole pic!

i {heart} hawkes said...

these pics are great! my girls would be all over that fishing pond. they are already asking when we can go "real fishing" as syd calls it. hee hee

courtney said...

i just looked at your goonch link, and i'm pretty sure if i thought one of those lived in my backyard "pond", i would not go looking for it!