Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enough already!

Okay, I'm tired of the cold. Tired of it. Wintry snow - that's beautiful and lovely. I'll take you. But the cold, ugh. Now I'm not talking about 30s or even 20s. I'm talking about bone-chilling single-digits and negative temps. Temps I've gotten to walk in every morning this week - and last week. . . I don't totally mind the walk, it's just getting 4 kids ready to walk in the cold. All bundled up. All lagging behind schedule. At least one of them resisting getting ready. Etc. Once we are out, fine (except for the extreme slow-pokiness of Jonas). But I'm tired of having to get on snow-pants, snow coats, gloves, hats, boots x 4.

Okay, enough of the venting. I've got kids to dress. . .


erinmalia said...

oh man, now i feel guilty for what i'm posting tomorrow. :)

DANG! 0 as a high? that's crazy talk. is there any hope in sight?

emily said...

the picture is a little confusing - it's hourly. so, no, no high of 0. that was just the forecast for that time. sorry for the confusion. at least i don't have it that bad, right? :)