Monday, February 14, 2011

A few more pics of V-day just cuz. . .

Working hard on decorating some cookies. We made cookies just because we didn't have enough sugar already. . . . . yeah right.

Miles making a heart. Oh sweetie.

Oh me oh my. Yum. She is too delicious. And oh so loved by us all. (p.s. if you read my other post from today and click on the link it will take you to v-day 3 years ago. there you can see emmy wearing the same shirt and looking very similar to lucy. except for one thing: CHEEKS. whoa does lucy have some chub-cheeks. they are delightful to kiss.)

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erinmalia said...

my poor deprived child who didn't get any valentine's day cookies! ha. lucy's cheeks are super cute.