Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Few Odds 'n Ends

I really just wanted to brag about my child, Miles. That's okay, right? I am his mom and so I do have bragging rights. :) I was so proud of that boy Miles last Sunday. I was grinning ear-to-ear I have no doubt (Jonas was too - which was super-duper cute!). Miles gave a talk in primary - his first talk all. by. himself. And it was just about perfect. Ben and Miles had talked that week about his talk-topic and on Friday Ben and I typed out a talk for him (yes, I know, one day he will write his own talk as well). We did leave a section of the talk for him to tell a scripture story on his own. We reviewed the talk a few times and he felt very comfortable with it. Then on Sunday he went up and delivered his talk - asking only once for help with a word ("commanded"). He did great in telling the story, too. Oh it was so exciting. And an even bonus: his grandparents (Ben's folks) got to see him, too.

Another thing: three's a crowd. At least for my family. (Yes, I know I have 4 kids - but Lucy doesn't "count" yet.) The whole week I spent with Lucy and Emmy at my parent's home I had hardly an ounce of trouble from her (meaning Emmy). I had a few (maybe even only 2?) times of frustrations from and with Emmy, but that was it. No loud screaming, yelling, or amazing tantrums. And from the report here, the boys were "awesome" (that is Jonas' new favorite word - I think I heard him say it over a dozen times today). Miles didn't pester Jonas. Jonas didn't whine. At all. Then, within 30 minutes of arriving back home, chaos once again engulfed our home. Emmy SCREAMED. Jonas WHINED. and Miles PESTERED. (well, really, I can't remember Miles pestering in those first 30 minutes. All I can remember is him sharing a toy with Emmy to make her feel better. But he has definitely pestered since we've been together again.) What gives? Me - perhaps I'm the problem? But I did have a problem-free week with Emmy, so it can't be just me. I've always heard of "three's a crowd," even in reference to children. I'd have to agree.

The boys just came down about 15 minutes ago. I spent about 30 extra minutes reading to them tonite - a Nancy Drew mystery book. Miles is in to mysteries these days. I enjoy them, too. Especially when I can figure it out waaaaay before it's "solved." (Right, these books are for 6-9 year olds. So I should figure it out waaaaay before. But at least I do :) Miles was stalling when he came down here. I asked him what the problem is. "I'm scared." He's into that phase, I guess. And then he being scared, scares Jonas, and if Emmy were still awake it would scare her. . . and so forth. So then we just talked for a bit. He wanted me to show him something that we read about in the Nancy Drew book. About them finding a "clue." The "clue crew" took a piece of paper from a room - it was blank, but it was underneath a stack of papers in which some girls had written some things down on the top piece of paper (am I making any sense at all?). So then the "clue crew" rubbed pencil on the blank sheet of paper and the words (from the top sheet of paper, that had been "pressed" onto the blank paper) appeared. Miles wanted me to demonstrate it. So I did.

The secret message? "Go to bed." Dang I thought I was funny. And so did the boys. :)

So they are back in the rooms, listening to primary songs on CD. Hopefully that will drive away all the scary monsters. . .

p.s. I was on the front-cover of our newspaper today. I don't think I'll scan the picture - but maybe I will at some point. I was out shoveling snow yesterday and someone from the paper came and took my picture. I'm pretty embarrassed about being on the front cover. Even though you can't see my face, I still don't think I look good. Go figure. I'd link you to it, but the online edition doesn't have the picture on it. Sorry. But you aint missing out on anything spectacular.

p.p.s Ben is MAKING me scan it in. So there you have it.


erinmalia said...

ahhh, good stories all! that's awesome about miles. i'm so proud of him.

and i'm soooo glad that ben made you scan the picture. he's a wise husband. and you look absolutely fine! better than fine, even. you look tough. and cool.

Montrose Lewises said...

I think your photo is quintessentially coloradoan and perfect!
It's a testament to the cuteness of your family and your life that you are featured in Montrose's publications :D

Nicole said...

Wow! Such a celebrity shoveling your snow!! That is really kind of cool though. It will be great to use while playing "Two truths and a lie!" Ha ha!

Niederfam said...

Seriously, what are you worried about, it's a GREAT photo........:) You'll be happy one day. ;)

As for your comment on mine....I'm craZy, and I'm not sure I can swim either......please pray that I can. I'm already $75 into this "adventure" ;) I will keep you posted and then you can take a swimming lesson and do the next one with us!!!! That would be FUN too.

courtney said...

go ben! so glad he made you scan the picture. love all the updates - i have some catching up to do!

rebecca said...

Yes, tough and cool. :) Erin is right. You are famous!

Your "clue" was so clever and funny.

If you figure out the secret "chaos" ingredient, let me know so I can get rid of it too. There are certain pairs of my children that just can't be in the same room together without "pestering" each other. It's exhausting.