Saturday, February 19, 2011

he did stop in winter and he did cool by the sun

The title comes from a sentence that Miles created with word magnets at our Silverton get-away house.

(p.s. HUGE post. Lots of words. LOADS of pictures.)

Yes, our family actually had a little get-away. Fun for us! It was only 2 days and 1 night - but that's pretty big for us. (Mind you, we do get away - visiting or vacationing with our extended family. Which is heavenly, mind you. But our family, just the 6 of us, don't get-away too much. So it was a big deal to us.)

We went to Silverton - a mountain town about 1 1/2 hours away (2 hours on the way back. . . more of that story to come). There is the perfect ski-mountain there for our family. Kendall Mountain. We went last year and fell in love. And I was determined that this year we would try and go 2 days in a row - so that the kids can improve the first day and cruise the second day. And with some wonderful Christmas money we saved it for this trip - totally worth it.

So I found a cute little home in town and rented it for the nite. Check out the home here. (Check out "gallery" for pictures.) It was a great little home for our family. Miles fell immediately in love. I'm not sure totally why. But he didn't want to leave it. He was completely sad. Jonas even said, "I wanna go back to our cute home." Meaning the home in Silverton.

We got there on Friday morning and Jonas started skiing first with Ben. Then Miles' turn. Then Emmy's turn. While they were taking turns with Ben, I was at home with the other kids - napping Lucy and playing games, getting food ready, etc. Then I shuttled the kids back to the mountain, traded out the kids, and came back. It worked out pretty great. Friday nite we watched a movie on the hide-a-bed couch. Awesome.

Saturday morning Ben took the 3 older kids to the outdoor ice-rink and played around. It had snowed a few inches and so it wasn't perfect, but Ben came back gleaming and stated, "I love ice-skating!" So I think he had a great time. The kids loved playing around, too. Then we did the skiing thing again - trading off the kids, etc. I stayed a little more at the mountain as it wasn't so windy and it sure was fun seeing the kiddos come down the mountain. They definitely improved from day 1 to day 2. Well for the boys. Emmy just skis down the mountain in sort-of lalaland. Ben told me she bends over to look at her skis (pink!), etc. Too cute. But the boys started doing some great turns on day 2. Big improvement. Miles was completely harness-free that day, too. He did so great! As did Jonas! Ben thinks they are pretty much the same level of skier. Jonas just thinks he's so much greater. :) He might be a little more coordinated, and a little more faster, but that's it. They all LOVED it. They all wanted to do it more, and more, and more.

But we had to go. And we left at the height of the storm. Blizzardy. Now the pass from our home to Silverton (or vice-versa) is slightly treacherous. In summer. Extremely treacherous in a snowstorm. I wanted to cry. Ben told me not to, so I didn't. Check out a picture of the pass here: http://ouraylovers.com/red-mountain-pass4.jpg. That shows you a section where there is 1. no shoulder, 2. no guard-rail, and 3. steep, deep cliff. Scary, eh? Now put snow on that there road. Puke. Other sections include about a dozen hair-pin curves with, during normal driving conditions, a recommended speed of 10mph. Ben was awesome, though, and went so super slow that we really didn't have any problem (tho, yes, I still wanted to cry). And blessings of blessings, by the time we got to scary drop-out cliff place, snow had changed to misty rain and the roads even cleared up. We celebrated when we got to Ouray (no more mountain passes!) we girl-scout cookies. Awesome.

Anyways, the trip was perfectly heavenly for the kids. Just what I wanted.


Look ma, no hands.

He did so great and made me very proud of him. Very.

Um, adorable too.

So this is how he skis - with his tongue out. Too funny.

Cruisin' right along. . . with the tongue out again. :)

Oh sweet gal.

Too stinkin' cute. She suffers, apparently, from whatever her Aunt-E suffered from as a little girl. I'm not sure of the exact name, but something along the lines of: must-tilt-head-to-side-when-picture-being-taken. (Remind me to scan in some photos of Aunt-E and this.)

There she does it again. Is she a ski-babe or what?


A snowy finish!

And Lucy had fun times, too. Hanging out in the car. (See how yummy she is?)

She also spent time out in the snow. There was a huge snow-mound that the other kiddos loved playing on. They probably spent a few hours on it. Lucy and I would just watch the world around us. She looked quite beautiful doing so.

Here's Lucy in front of "our" little place.

The kids all slept on the hide-a-bed. Well until 4am. Then Lucy's cries kind of stirred them awake. They had a little trouble going back to sleep, so Emmy came and slept with me and Ben slept with the boys.

Just for fun: Lucy and something lurking in the background. . .

Can't get enough of Lucy. . .

Oh yes, there was lots of Lucy-lovin' going on, too.

Whoweee. The end.

(p.s. I'll post videos tomorrow.)


erinmalia said...

so fun! and um, we don't "suffer" from it. it makes us look beautiful and pretty and princess-y. so there. :)

glad the drive home went well!

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Montrose Lewises said...

I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD at Miles' tongue!

Niederfam said...

so so fun, looks fantastic. ;)