Sunday, February 27, 2011

I can't think of one

Oh my this is one of my most favorite pictures of Lucy. Ever. I don't know why. It cracks me up. I had no idea of it until I turned on the camera to take a picture and saw this beauty. Ben took it. It's pure awesomeness in my {not-so} humble opinion. I'm not sure who put that "snake" on Lucy - Emmy perhaps? Ben? Lucy would be a doll in curlers. :)

Emmy's quote of the week:

"Jesus see us all the time. He sees us eating. He sees us sleeping. He sees us going potty."

p.s A very Happy Birthday to a most beautiful woman - my Grandmother Whicker. She's a lovely lady and one of the most positive and up-beat women I know. She is also known as "Jelly Bean Grandma" to my kids. For obvious reasons. We all love her lots and lots!


erinmalia said...

that picture is pretty funny. and nice quote, emmy!

my word verification: dummi. i'm offended. i guess i'm not even smart enough to spell dummy correctly.

courtney said...

that is a pretty darn cute picture of lucy. i love the expression on her face!

Nicole said...

Cute cute! Love the pic too! And I enjoyed emmy's quote! he he