Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines is already alive and well here. . .

First of all, Miles cleaned up his room this morning as a special "valentine's surprise." Awesome. (Mind you, Ben and I cleaned up their room on Friday nite while they were sleeping. It was our "heart-service" we had talked about in FHE that week (we all had hearts with our family member's name on it and we were do to something nice for that person and leave a heart.) Anyways, the point is that the room was totally cleaned up on Friday nite. But by last nite it was a mess again. So Miles really did do a great thing!)

Miles made Ben and I cards weeks ago. Mine said, "To mom, I love you and I hope that the snowflake is good." (He had cut-out a snowflake.)

Eating their valentine's gift from mom and dad. A chocolate dinosaur on wheels.

Emmy's was a cat.

Miles with his class valentines (you scratch off the pink part to reveal your secret valentine's message). He's a handsome valentine, for sure!

Miles wanted me to take a picture of their chocolate. Cute.

This is AMAZING. Miles eating it. Once we gave Miles a chocolate dump truck and he didn't eat it for months. In fact, I think we had to throw it away. . . So far he only ate the spikes on the dinosaur and the wheels. He wants to keep as much of the dinosaur in tact as possible.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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erinmalia said...

that cracks me up about miles. happy valentine's day maxwells!