Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Belly Dance

So Lucy started doing "the belly dance" last week. It's awesome. The video isn't as good as I hoped, but you get the idea. She does it on command - often, not always. But almost always she does it when she hears music or singing going on. It's hilarious. She's been sick the past 3 or 4 days (cold coupled with teething perhaps?????) and so the Belly Dance hadn't been seen as much. But, showing her increasing level of health, the Belly Dance made a pretty good come-back today.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My 23rd Birthday!

Was 9 years ago! Crazy. I had a good birthday "weekend." Seeing as my birthday was on Sunday this year, some of my birthday celebrations occurred on Saturday as well. Saturday included a lovely run with my husband (Ben's folks were out and so they helped out a ton by watching our kids willingly while we frolicked about), being sent off at 10am for a pedicure, going to Grand Junction (with Ben and Lucy) for the afternoon - eating at Cafe Rio and visiting a few stores. Quite lovely. Sunday I was given a multitude of presents from my kids - mainly colored pictures. Pretty awesome. Here are some pictures taken on my birthday:
Wahoo! Cake!

Please? I'm soooo cute.

LOVE her.

The family and the awesome rice-krispie chocolate-frosted cake with sprinkles by Ben & Emmy. (Emmy is trying to do her "princess smile." It's a little bizarre. It's a very solemn, sad look. But it's what she does when wanting to look like a princess.)

I made a wish!

Let the eating begin.

Just a cute picture of the kids listening to bedtime stories. Anyone paying attention besides Grandma and Dad? Surprisingly, I would say yes.

Happy Birthday Me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We heard a lot of "dada's" today. Dadadadadadadadada more specifically. Most were from Lucy. The others were from her siblings (okay, and mom too) saying, "Lucy, say "dada." Lucy did not disappoint. Adorable.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring! Spring?

So it's March and now officially Spring. But spring is a little topsy-turvy in these parts during the month of March. Some sun. Lots of wind. Snow. I don't think March ever comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. It's always in like a lion and out like a lion. I know because my birthday is at the end of the month and it's been sunny, warm, snowy, and freezing.

But we decided to celebrate Spring with a little neighbor party at our house. Actually, a little bit ago I told Ben we should have a "spring party" and hang up the big swing in our backyard. Then came along a pinata and we didn't just want our kids hitting a pinata, so hence inviting our neighbors.

The pinata. So Miles came home from school one day telling me that Brian's mom - Brian, a boy from his class - makes pinatas. He soooo wanted one. He had her business card and everything. So we called the mom and she couldn't get one done in time for his birthday. So we decided to get one for our spring party instead. She did a fabulous job (hehe - her name is Fabiola).

So we had a fun spring party filled with eating, making grass heads (pictures when they grow!), hitting pinatas, and lots and lots of playing by the kiddos and visiting by the adults.

Good thing the party was yesterday seeing as we woke up to a little dusting of snow this morning. . .
The cute kids all around the yellow table. They seemed to have had a fantastic time eating. Lots of laughing and giggling. Lots of "knock-knock" jokes going on. And made-up jokes that didn't sound in the least bit funny, but apparently were to a table of silly kids.

Miles and his pinata. He was really sad to have to hit it. He didn't really want to. But of course did knowing candy was inside. But he is saving most of the pinata. Of course.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sneak Peek

So Ben has been working very hard on making the boys' beds. And they are finally finished! Wahoo. I will show them off in all their glory once we get the boys' bedroom painted. The walls are currently brown and so are the beds. But we plan to paint the walls blue and so I think the beds will stand out more and show-off better. :) So I'll wait until then. But let me just say they are buh-ewe-tea-ful!

Here are some pictures of the first nite in their new beds:
This is truly amazing - Jonas in bed. For the past many, many months that they have just been sleeping on the floor on their mattresses, Jonas has never been found on his mattress. On purpose, he always just slept off it or with only his head on the mattress. Silly boy. He sure looks comfy, though, on his new bed.

And I just love this. So Miles. Miles and all his stuff. The heart has my name and Ben's name on it - Miles wanted something to remind him of us (he's going thru a scared at bedtime phase.) Then he has some books, including the Book of Mormon and his January book of poems from school. Plus a notebook and mechanical pencil (b-day presents from his school teacher). And a cool fish picture he drew and painted at school. Sweet boy.

Friday, March 18, 2011

7-months (and 2 days)

I took the pictures at 7 months and 1 day. For some reason I kept thinking Lucy was 7-months on St. Patty's day. Nope. Duh. I don't know why, except numbers ending in "7" are common in our family's days of celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

Well, as you can see, Lucy is still cute as a bug (yet extremely messy - she's a messy eater. I wanted the pictures to display her true form. :). Good thing because she is giving me less-than-ideal sleep lately. All due to a lousy cold that has been hanging around for 2 weeks now. But I think, I hope, things are getting better. Fingers crossed.

Lucy is kind of a . . . sloth. The babe doesn't move! All her other "friends" her age are all over the place - scooting, rolling, even crawling. But Lucy? She just sits there. She loves to sit up and watch the {crazy} world around her. She hates being down on either her back or tummy. So I haven't done it too often. Except that last 2 days I have made it a conscious effort to give her more down time. She hates it. I put toys just a little out of reach and she looks at them and maybe moves a little on her side. But that's it. No rolling over. She has never rolled from her back to her tummy. And only tummy-to-back a minimal number of times. I'm a little worried, but not terribly so. I think we don't just sit in one room long enough for her to get some good "down time." We're eating breakfast, walking to and fro school, napping, getting other kids' lunch, going somewhere, napping, picking Miles up and coming back, outside play/inside play, errands, dinner, mini-nap, etc., etc.

Yes, of course it is kind of nice to have a baby sloth. Life will get oh-so-more complicated when she is mobile. So as long as all is well with her, then this is a lovely blessing. :)

She likes me. She really, really likes me. She prefers me. Of course - I think most babies do - prefer moms, that is, not necessarily me. Ha. If Ben is holding her and she sees me, she lets us all know who she wants. If I leave her alone in the room while I try to do the dishes or, heaven forbid, go to the bathroom alone - she's none too happy. I would assume that is typical of a 4th child. Often times she can be soothed by her siblings for a little while. Until they tip her over. Which they do. They love to softly tip her back and then watch her try/struggle to sit back up. Sometimes Lucy can do it. Other times they "help" her. I tell the older kids not to do this, but somehow it still happens. . . (They only do this when the boppy is behind her - so they aren't tipping her directly on the floor.)

What else? Oh yeah. I've been to this "Mostly Music" Christian preschool thingy here in town the past couple of weeks. The first 30 or so minutes of this is a lot of singing with dancing. Cute songs with lots of movement and actions. Emmy eats this up and does everything - cutest thing. Jonas acts a little "too cool" for it. (Which he probably is. Ha.) And Lucy? Well, lets just say that after this last week at least 3 people came up to me to tell me that Lucy was just grinning ear to ear the entire time (I was holding her with her face facing out - if that makes sense). I knew she was loving it as her legs were constantly "dancing." It was delightful.

7 months have just flown by. . .

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The cute, green crew! (Emmy is wearing a green skirt.)

We had a special breakfast - complete with green milk and lucky charms (of course) along with a green smoothie.

Emmy slurping up her smoothie. YUM.

Miles wanted me to take this silly picture of him - with a marshmallow stuck on his lip. Nice. I asked the kids what they thought made the smoothie green. Miles guessed from a kiwi, Jonas guessed from food coloring, and Emmy went with Miles - kiwi. I told them it was from leaves - spinach leaves, to be exact. Awesome. I used this recipe here. I did add just a little bit of sugar and some vanilla. Fun, fun.

Last but certainly not least: our green cutie, Lucy.

We've got some green pudding planned for sometime today. And dinner will be pesto pizza with a green cottage cheese salad.

Erin Go Bragh! (Which sounds sooooooooo like my sister's maiden name. Love it.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Second Impressions

That's the name of a second-hand store here in town. It's great. I hadn't been in months and months and decided to go today. I had certain items in mind that I wanted to get. I found none of them. But plenty of other stuff. . .
Super cute onesie and shorts for Lucy.

Can't wait to start reading this one to the kids. At least the boys. . . (They adore the movie - the newer version. I adore it, too - as well as the old version.)

I'm a big sucker for school "workbooks." I love them. I love that I found a strawberry shortcake one, too. Emmy will be excited. :)

Then I scored with Emmy's new helmet. She needed one and I got one - one that isn't all pink, thankfully, but has enough pink to be loved by Emmy. I also bought the skirt. It's way cuter in person. I love it tons! There are shorts underneath and so it's a total play-skirt. Perfect. (By the way, Emmy was wearing the pink and orange shirt before I ever picked up the skirt. Ben had gotten her dressed this morning and thought, "Hmm, pink and orange are kind of funny together." Which they are. But they work. Anyways, I came home with the skirt and Ben and I were amazed at how well it matched her tops! Funny.)

Jonas and Emmy had fun riding in the backyard. . . Awesome.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miles' Birthed Day

I say "birthed" because, really, it was my birth-day (I gave birth to him) and his birthed-day (he was birthed). Right? Anyways. . .

It was a great little birthday for our newest 7 year-old. He loved it in all of its simplicity. He kept asking me, "Why are birthdays so great?" "Why are birthdays the best days of the year?" Etc. How cute is that?

Here are some of the highlights:

Miles walking thru the traditional crepe-paper doorway. He even told me the night before, when describing his morning: "I will walk thru the crepe-paper. . . "

Checking out the gifts before breakfast. He was so excited about everything he couldn't finish his cereal (a very, very, very rare occurence - as in, it has maybe happened one other time in his 7 years of life). Ben had made some delicious cinnamon rolls as a special birthday breakfast treat. He did eat most of that.

Miles and his sardines! We all shared a tin at dinner-time. Miles, Ben, and Emmy (!!!) ate the most. Then Jonas and me. :)

Cute Jonas enjoying his present. :)

The birthday cake. I got the idea and basic instructions here. I was totally pleased with how it turned out. It was my first time working with fondant. Fun! The whale and tail are made and formed with rice krispie treat. Then covered in a little bit of "normal" frosting. Then the fondant.

Watching Cars. I think out of the past 4 or so birthdays Miles has watched it all but one of those birthdays. I finally found one on ebay and bought it. Such a great movie.

The most adorable 7 year-old birthday boy.

And this is what happens when you eat fondant that has been dyed black. Awesome.

He loved all his birthday gifts. His favorite, as he will tell ya, is this. We don't have the tadpole yet, but he carries around the little "tank" everywhere. We keep telling him not to since it's a flimsy plastic thing, but he's just so excited about. The next 3-4 weeks until the tadpole comes might be the longest of his life. . .

All in all, it was a pretty awesome birthday for a very awesome boy.

p.s. Some of the ugh-i-ness of my life has already started dissipating. Ain't that great.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dear Miles


Another year. And now you are turning 7. 7. Incredible. In many ways, you are still the same. Same Miles. The boy with curls. The boy with questions. The boy who loves animals - particularly, and not-changing - birds and fish. The pesterer. The sensitive boy.

But with all the similarities you have (you are still you of course), you have matured. You're growing up. Not growing up as in acting like an adult. But growing up as in acting like a kid, as opposed to a child. (In my mind, there is a difference.) You have childish moments for sure (yes, yes, I do too), but you are learning to cope with challenges and difficulties better. We still have lots of room for improvement, but at least things are progressing.

You are now a 1st-grader. And a delightful one if I do say so myself. Every single day I have picked you up at school you are beaming. And I'm not lying. Every. Single. Day. You love school. It makes you happy. You have a wonderful, wonderful teacher. You have friends in your class. You get to eat school lunch once a week - one of your highlights. (But you can't ever remember who you sat by at lunch.) You come home singing songs, reciting poems, and teaching Jonas and Emmy little jigs and chants. You bring home art-work, homework (you dislike), and many crafts - sometimes things you have made especially for Emmy and Jonas. Sweetie.

You have picked up reading quite well. We didn't even realize it until one day, in the late fall, we had gone to the library as a family. There was "Read to Rover" that day (Rover meaning a dog). So we chose a book (an Elephant & Piggie book) and you read the entire thing, to "Rover," without help. Ben and I kept looking at each other in surprise. You had brought home your simple books from school and had read those very well. But this one was looooong. And you mastered it. It was awesome.

With all the selfishness you have (you are a kid, mind you - actually, mind me. I need to remember that more. . .), you are incredibly thoughtful, too. You do nice things. Last week you made my bed while I was in the shower. Plus, you left a penny on my pillow (p.s. Next time leave chocolate :). Also, you get to pick books from school to take home and read. One time a couple weeks ago you chose a pirate book. Purely for Jonas' sake. Furthermore, one night when Jonas had lost his privilege to read books with the family, you wouldn't let us read the pirate book because you "had gotten that book for Jonas!"

You want everything. I kid you not. You would be very dangerous around infomercials. In fact, every Wednesday you kids get to watch 1 hour of TV. We used to watch Bindi (we don't get it anymore, or it's not on anymore???) and there would be these commercials. Selling everything from brownie pans to wall hooks. You were convinced that we had to buy every item shown. Even a mop. You are hard to take to stores because, of course, you want everything. It's great in the fact that you treasure a lot of stuff. You still keep most of your stuff. In fact, for 100-day at school, you brought your stuff to school - 100 of them to be exact. Little itty bitty things mostly.

You love being outside. In the snow or sun. You can play in the snow and sun for hours. It's nice. You're creative outside (and inside, too). Creative, such as fishing for goonch in our backyard. We walk to and from school each day. Well we had a really cold spell for a few weeks (lows in the negatives). One morning, when the "real feel" was around -30-something, I decided that was too much for Lucy (I didn't want her enormous cheeks to freeze off) and that we were going to drive you. You were quite livid. You have fun walking to school and often you, Jonas, and Emmy will be racing, making tracks in the snow, etc., etc. It takes us at least 3xs the amount of time it would take me to walk there by myself. But I enjoy it. Once we make it out the doors ("Get your shoes on!" "Put on your coats!" "Emmy you have to wear pants!". . .)

You have athletically improved this past year too. You learned how to ride your bike this past summer. We had gone to some "BMX" track for Jonas to ride around and Ben, thankfully, thought to bring your bike along, too. Without training wheels. And you let Ben help you and then you just took off. Oh you were proud of yourself. So were we all. You did soccer in the fall. Though you were not totally in to it, you did certainly improve. You even had fun. We also went skiing 2 days in a row this year. You were really nervous that first day but did so great! You would actually try to listen to your dad (something your younger brother did not do so well. . . ) and even caught on how to turn. By day 2 you were harness-free and lovin' it. You have started recognizing how good it feels to accomplish things and overcome your fears.

Oh there is a lot I could say. But this is already long enough. You are a good boy. In fact, you are a great boy. And I truly hope you have a great birthday!

I love you so much,

p.s. When I asked you what you wanted for your 7th birthday, your reply: "I don't know! You're suppose to figure it out." But you did come up with one thing: sardines (like in a can, to eat.) Sardines. Check.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An Ugh Vent

So that pretty much sums up my life lately: Ugh. Actually, more like UGH! I don't know if it's just the fact that winter has cooped us all up together long enough or what. But man my kids are driving my crazy. CrAzY, cRaZy. And not really in a good way. UGH! Miles is negatively questioning everything lately - as well as talking back, as well as "accidentally" doing such-and-such to so-and-so 50 times an hour. Jonas has frankly become quite rude at times - along with his usually whiny-ness. Now when he's mad he grunts - for like 10 minutes. No joke. That's actually kind of funny. Kind of. But kind of annoying too. Emmy continues to scream, yell, and talk ugly. Today she told me, "I don't like you. You can't go to bed at nighttime (I guess that was some kind of threat?) She told me she didn't like me at a time when I actually had my patience. Oh well. I bit my tongue and did not say anything back to her. It was hard.

Want my kids?

Maybe Emmy should fire me.

And on top of all the pleasantness (not) from my children, Lucy has a cold/cough that wakes her up during the night. So now I get to wake up every few hours during the night - ugh. But I did finish a book with all the extra night-time feedings.

The house is a mess. Especially the boys' room. I am ready to do a huge spring clean-out. So ready.

But I do love my children. Really. We have grand moments that make me smile and happy (they just seem a little too few lately. . .)

Like this:
Lucy was super-excited about the painting supplies.


I like this picture of the lego-car driving through our forest of dog hairs. Awesome.

P.S. Thankfully Miles' b-day is tomorrow - time to liven things up and hopefully lead to a more chipper day for all of us!