Friday, March 18, 2011

7-months (and 2 days)

I took the pictures at 7 months and 1 day. For some reason I kept thinking Lucy was 7-months on St. Patty's day. Nope. Duh. I don't know why, except numbers ending in "7" are common in our family's days of celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

Well, as you can see, Lucy is still cute as a bug (yet extremely messy - she's a messy eater. I wanted the pictures to display her true form. :). Good thing because she is giving me less-than-ideal sleep lately. All due to a lousy cold that has been hanging around for 2 weeks now. But I think, I hope, things are getting better. Fingers crossed.

Lucy is kind of a . . . sloth. The babe doesn't move! All her other "friends" her age are all over the place - scooting, rolling, even crawling. But Lucy? She just sits there. She loves to sit up and watch the {crazy} world around her. She hates being down on either her back or tummy. So I haven't done it too often. Except that last 2 days I have made it a conscious effort to give her more down time. She hates it. I put toys just a little out of reach and she looks at them and maybe moves a little on her side. But that's it. No rolling over. She has never rolled from her back to her tummy. And only tummy-to-back a minimal number of times. I'm a little worried, but not terribly so. I think we don't just sit in one room long enough for her to get some good "down time." We're eating breakfast, walking to and fro school, napping, getting other kids' lunch, going somewhere, napping, picking Miles up and coming back, outside play/inside play, errands, dinner, mini-nap, etc., etc.

Yes, of course it is kind of nice to have a baby sloth. Life will get oh-so-more complicated when she is mobile. So as long as all is well with her, then this is a lovely blessing. :)

She likes me. She really, really likes me. She prefers me. Of course - I think most babies do - prefer moms, that is, not necessarily me. Ha. If Ben is holding her and she sees me, she lets us all know who she wants. If I leave her alone in the room while I try to do the dishes or, heaven forbid, go to the bathroom alone - she's none too happy. I would assume that is typical of a 4th child. Often times she can be soothed by her siblings for a little while. Until they tip her over. Which they do. They love to softly tip her back and then watch her try/struggle to sit back up. Sometimes Lucy can do it. Other times they "help" her. I tell the older kids not to do this, but somehow it still happens. . . (They only do this when the boppy is behind her - so they aren't tipping her directly on the floor.)

What else? Oh yeah. I've been to this "Mostly Music" Christian preschool thingy here in town the past couple of weeks. The first 30 or so minutes of this is a lot of singing with dancing. Cute songs with lots of movement and actions. Emmy eats this up and does everything - cutest thing. Jonas acts a little "too cool" for it. (Which he probably is. Ha.) And Lucy? Well, lets just say that after this last week at least 3 people came up to me to tell me that Lucy was just grinning ear to ear the entire time (I was holding her with her face facing out - if that makes sense). I knew she was loving it as her legs were constantly "dancing." It was delightful.

7 months have just flown by. . .


Nicole said...

A baby sloth...love it!! Ha ha. She is so cute! Fun to hear about all the things she is up to!

erinmalia said...

yep, totally laughing that you called your baby a sloth. awesome.

Niederfam said...

Oh my goodness, 7 months REALLY did go by FAST, especially for me. ;) Darling....Happy belated birthed day to Miles too. FUN TIMES.