Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dear Miles


Another year. And now you are turning 7. 7. Incredible. In many ways, you are still the same. Same Miles. The boy with curls. The boy with questions. The boy who loves animals - particularly, and not-changing - birds and fish. The pesterer. The sensitive boy.

But with all the similarities you have (you are still you of course), you have matured. You're growing up. Not growing up as in acting like an adult. But growing up as in acting like a kid, as opposed to a child. (In my mind, there is a difference.) You have childish moments for sure (yes, yes, I do too), but you are learning to cope with challenges and difficulties better. We still have lots of room for improvement, but at least things are progressing.

You are now a 1st-grader. And a delightful one if I do say so myself. Every single day I have picked you up at school you are beaming. And I'm not lying. Every. Single. Day. You love school. It makes you happy. You have a wonderful, wonderful teacher. You have friends in your class. You get to eat school lunch once a week - one of your highlights. (But you can't ever remember who you sat by at lunch.) You come home singing songs, reciting poems, and teaching Jonas and Emmy little jigs and chants. You bring home art-work, homework (you dislike), and many crafts - sometimes things you have made especially for Emmy and Jonas. Sweetie.

You have picked up reading quite well. We didn't even realize it until one day, in the late fall, we had gone to the library as a family. There was "Read to Rover" that day (Rover meaning a dog). So we chose a book (an Elephant & Piggie book) and you read the entire thing, to "Rover," without help. Ben and I kept looking at each other in surprise. You had brought home your simple books from school and had read those very well. But this one was looooong. And you mastered it. It was awesome.

With all the selfishness you have (you are a kid, mind you - actually, mind me. I need to remember that more. . .), you are incredibly thoughtful, too. You do nice things. Last week you made my bed while I was in the shower. Plus, you left a penny on my pillow (p.s. Next time leave chocolate :). Also, you get to pick books from school to take home and read. One time a couple weeks ago you chose a pirate book. Purely for Jonas' sake. Furthermore, one night when Jonas had lost his privilege to read books with the family, you wouldn't let us read the pirate book because you "had gotten that book for Jonas!"

You want everything. I kid you not. You would be very dangerous around infomercials. In fact, every Wednesday you kids get to watch 1 hour of TV. We used to watch Bindi (we don't get it anymore, or it's not on anymore???) and there would be these commercials. Selling everything from brownie pans to wall hooks. You were convinced that we had to buy every item shown. Even a mop. You are hard to take to stores because, of course, you want everything. It's great in the fact that you treasure a lot of stuff. You still keep most of your stuff. In fact, for 100-day at school, you brought your stuff to school - 100 of them to be exact. Little itty bitty things mostly.

You love being outside. In the snow or sun. You can play in the snow and sun for hours. It's nice. You're creative outside (and inside, too). Creative, such as fishing for goonch in our backyard. We walk to and from school each day. Well we had a really cold spell for a few weeks (lows in the negatives). One morning, when the "real feel" was around -30-something, I decided that was too much for Lucy (I didn't want her enormous cheeks to freeze off) and that we were going to drive you. You were quite livid. You have fun walking to school and often you, Jonas, and Emmy will be racing, making tracks in the snow, etc., etc. It takes us at least 3xs the amount of time it would take me to walk there by myself. But I enjoy it. Once we make it out the doors ("Get your shoes on!" "Put on your coats!" "Emmy you have to wear pants!". . .)

You have athletically improved this past year too. You learned how to ride your bike this past summer. We had gone to some "BMX" track for Jonas to ride around and Ben, thankfully, thought to bring your bike along, too. Without training wheels. And you let Ben help you and then you just took off. Oh you were proud of yourself. So were we all. You did soccer in the fall. Though you were not totally in to it, you did certainly improve. You even had fun. We also went skiing 2 days in a row this year. You were really nervous that first day but did so great! You would actually try to listen to your dad (something your younger brother did not do so well. . . ) and even caught on how to turn. By day 2 you were harness-free and lovin' it. You have started recognizing how good it feels to accomplish things and overcome your fears.

Oh there is a lot I could say. But this is already long enough. You are a good boy. In fact, you are a great boy. And I truly hope you have a great birthday!

I love you so much,

p.s. When I asked you what you wanted for your 7th birthday, your reply: "I don't know! You're suppose to figure it out." But you did come up with one thing: sardines (like in a can, to eat.) Sardines. Check.

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