Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miles' Birthed Day

I say "birthed" because, really, it was my birth-day (I gave birth to him) and his birthed-day (he was birthed). Right? Anyways. . .

It was a great little birthday for our newest 7 year-old. He loved it in all of its simplicity. He kept asking me, "Why are birthdays so great?" "Why are birthdays the best days of the year?" Etc. How cute is that?

Here are some of the highlights:

Miles walking thru the traditional crepe-paper doorway. He even told me the night before, when describing his morning: "I will walk thru the crepe-paper. . . "

Checking out the gifts before breakfast. He was so excited about everything he couldn't finish his cereal (a very, very, very rare occurence - as in, it has maybe happened one other time in his 7 years of life). Ben had made some delicious cinnamon rolls as a special birthday breakfast treat. He did eat most of that.

Miles and his sardines! We all shared a tin at dinner-time. Miles, Ben, and Emmy (!!!) ate the most. Then Jonas and me. :)

Cute Jonas enjoying his present. :)

The birthday cake. I got the idea and basic instructions here. I was totally pleased with how it turned out. It was my first time working with fondant. Fun! The whale and tail are made and formed with rice krispie treat. Then covered in a little bit of "normal" frosting. Then the fondant.

Watching Cars. I think out of the past 4 or so birthdays Miles has watched it all but one of those birthdays. I finally found one on ebay and bought it. Such a great movie.

The most adorable 7 year-old birthday boy.

And this is what happens when you eat fondant that has been dyed black. Awesome.

He loved all his birthday gifts. His favorite, as he will tell ya, is this. We don't have the tadpole yet, but he carries around the little "tank" everywhere. We keep telling him not to since it's a flimsy plastic thing, but he's just so excited about. The next 3-4 weeks until the tadpole comes might be the longest of his life. . .

All in all, it was a pretty awesome birthday for a very awesome boy.

p.s. Some of the ugh-i-ness of my life has already started dissipating. Ain't that great.


rebecca said...

Wow, that cake is amazing! Great job, Emily! I want a tadpole! That's like the coolest birthday gift ever! Maybe another 7 year old boy will be getting one of those next month! I fogot how close our oldest boys are in age.

Our family has taken your crepe paper tradition. Maybe I've already told you that? Every birthday kid's doorway is crepe papered the night before. And a few times very early in the morning. Remember when you crepe papered MY door in Taylor Hall?! It all started then. Wow. We've been friends for a long time. I"m so glad.

Anyway, happy birthday to a great kid!

P.S. Sardines?! What?! I've seen sardines several times on your blog, and I think you're the only one! How did you introduce your family to the world of sardines? Have you seen the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? A memorable line from the movie is "Sardines Are Super Gross". Maybe for Lucy's birthday?

emily said...

thanks on the cake, rebecca. :) and, yes, the tadpole is a super fun gift. if you're really gonna do it, buy it now so you can send in the coupon early and won't have to wait as long for the tadpole to arrive.

and, yes, now i totally remember crepe-papering your door at good ol' taylor hall. :) i think kelly and i were on the "birthday committee." or something like that. ha.

i don't know about sardines - i think miles just wanted to try them. i don't really like them. oh, we do do them "in mustard sauce." a little easier to go down. miles just loves fish - loves playing with them and eating them. kind of weird.

and, no, never seen the movie but it's definitely a favorite book around here (we do have the book). for sure we'll watch the movie sometime, though! thanks for the reminder.

whoa, long response. :)

erinmalia said...

dude. that cake is soooo impressive. i just don't see myself ever doing that for poor rhett.

and that tongue! WHAT?! how long did it last? it's insane.

i think we might have to crepe paper rhett's door in 10 days.

please give miles a big happy birthday from all of us!

courtney said...

your crepe paper idea must be pretty great, because we totally stole it too! and your cake looks FANTASTIC - but also makes me super glad that my kids can't eat sugar so that i don't have to try and make one like that. :)

glad the ugh is dissipating...

Nicole said...

What can I say? You always impress in the birthday cake genre!! Way to go! What lucky kids you have.