Monday, March 28, 2011

My 23rd Birthday!

Was 9 years ago! Crazy. I had a good birthday "weekend." Seeing as my birthday was on Sunday this year, some of my birthday celebrations occurred on Saturday as well. Saturday included a lovely run with my husband (Ben's folks were out and so they helped out a ton by watching our kids willingly while we frolicked about), being sent off at 10am for a pedicure, going to Grand Junction (with Ben and Lucy) for the afternoon - eating at Cafe Rio and visiting a few stores. Quite lovely. Sunday I was given a multitude of presents from my kids - mainly colored pictures. Pretty awesome. Here are some pictures taken on my birthday:
Wahoo! Cake!

Please? I'm soooo cute.

LOVE her.

The family and the awesome rice-krispie chocolate-frosted cake with sprinkles by Ben & Emmy. (Emmy is trying to do her "princess smile." It's a little bizarre. It's a very solemn, sad look. But it's what she does when wanting to look like a princess.)

I made a wish!

Let the eating begin.

Just a cute picture of the kids listening to bedtime stories. Anyone paying attention besides Grandma and Dad? Surprisingly, I would say yes.

Happy Birthday Me!


erinmalia said...

seriously, every time j&d come to visit i'm so jealous of the lovely pictures you get out of it! of course, having a cute family helps too. happy birthday sis!

i {heart} hawkes said...

what a great day! i am in LOVE with emmy's picture. so professional and the cute girl makes it even cuter. happy birthday!

Rachelle said...

Happy belated bday dear Emily! what a beautiful family - we loved the pictures!

courtney said...

stop the madness! your kids are just beyond cute - beyond, i tell you! and emmy's princess "smile" is classic. AND i think your hair in the family picture is super cute. so glad you had a great birthday weekend!

Nicole said...

Happy bday a bit late :) The cake sounds delicous! Is it on foodees?? I'll have to look it up! Glad you had a nice time.