Monday, March 14, 2011

Second Impressions

That's the name of a second-hand store here in town. It's great. I hadn't been in months and months and decided to go today. I had certain items in mind that I wanted to get. I found none of them. But plenty of other stuff. . .
Super cute onesie and shorts for Lucy.

Can't wait to start reading this one to the kids. At least the boys. . . (They adore the movie - the newer version. I adore it, too - as well as the old version.)

I'm a big sucker for school "workbooks." I love them. I love that I found a strawberry shortcake one, too. Emmy will be excited. :)

Then I scored with Emmy's new helmet. She needed one and I got one - one that isn't all pink, thankfully, but has enough pink to be loved by Emmy. I also bought the skirt. It's way cuter in person. I love it tons! There are shorts underneath and so it's a total play-skirt. Perfect. (By the way, Emmy was wearing the pink and orange shirt before I ever picked up the skirt. Ben had gotten her dressed this morning and thought, "Hmm, pink and orange are kind of funny together." Which they are. But they work. Anyways, I came home with the skirt and Ben and I were amazed at how well it matched her tops! Funny.)

Jonas and Emmy had fun riding in the backyard. . . Awesome.


erinmalia said...

i had a good day at our thrift store too! hooray. personally, i think pink and orange look really good together. score on all accounts.

Nicole said...

I have done quite well "thrifting" myself lately! And it's quite addictive!! Glad you found some education things too!! I always look for workbooks but never seem to find any. Oh well. Guess I will keep looking!!