Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sneak Peek

So Ben has been working very hard on making the boys' beds. And they are finally finished! Wahoo. I will show them off in all their glory once we get the boys' bedroom painted. The walls are currently brown and so are the beds. But we plan to paint the walls blue and so I think the beds will stand out more and show-off better. :) So I'll wait until then. But let me just say they are buh-ewe-tea-ful!

Here are some pictures of the first nite in their new beds:
This is truly amazing - Jonas in bed. For the past many, many months that they have just been sleeping on the floor on their mattresses, Jonas has never been found on his mattress. On purpose, he always just slept off it or with only his head on the mattress. Silly boy. He sure looks comfy, though, on his new bed.

And I just love this. So Miles. Miles and all his stuff. The heart has my name and Ben's name on it - Miles wanted something to remind him of us (he's going thru a scared at bedtime phase.) Then he has some books, including the Book of Mormon and his January book of poems from school. Plus a notebook and mechanical pencil (b-day presents from his school teacher). And a cool fish picture he drew and painted at school. Sweet boy.


Montrose Lewises said...

Kiddos are so funny! I'm glad that the new bed is so awesome Jonas felt it was worthy to sleep in :D
Awesome job, Ben!

erinmalia said...

how did i miss this post?! anyway, i can't wait to see the beds. yet another reason for us to live closer: chuck and i could learn so much from him!

miles, funny, miles. :)

Emily said...

So great that Ben can do this. So talented!! They look amazing!

i {heart} hawkes said...

they look great! the beds AND the boys in them. i'm excited to see the final product of the "new" rooms.

i {heart} hawkes said...

they look great! the beds AND the boys in them. i'm excited to see the final product of the "new" rooms.

Niederfam said...

Miles in bed TOTALLY reminds me of Mitt in bed, with his "STUFF" so cute. The beds and BOYS are adorable. ;)

To answer your questions, we'll be gone 2 weeks plus a couple of days, and no kids in Europe!!!! ;) Can't wait. It'll be nice to have a reason to come home.....the kids!!!! who we will miss terribly I'm sure but are so glad they aren't joining us on this one! ;)

courtney said...

they look great! i can't wait to see them with the newly painted walls. good work ben!