Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring! Spring?

So it's March and now officially Spring. But spring is a little topsy-turvy in these parts during the month of March. Some sun. Lots of wind. Snow. I don't think March ever comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. It's always in like a lion and out like a lion. I know because my birthday is at the end of the month and it's been sunny, warm, snowy, and freezing.

But we decided to celebrate Spring with a little neighbor party at our house. Actually, a little bit ago I told Ben we should have a "spring party" and hang up the big swing in our backyard. Then came along a pinata and we didn't just want our kids hitting a pinata, so hence inviting our neighbors.

The pinata. So Miles came home from school one day telling me that Brian's mom - Brian, a boy from his class - makes pinatas. He soooo wanted one. He had her business card and everything. So we called the mom and she couldn't get one done in time for his birthday. So we decided to get one for our spring party instead. She did a fabulous job (hehe - her name is Fabiola).

So we had a fun spring party filled with eating, making grass heads (pictures when they grow!), hitting pinatas, and lots and lots of playing by the kiddos and visiting by the adults.

Good thing the party was yesterday seeing as we woke up to a little dusting of snow this morning. . .
The cute kids all around the yellow table. They seemed to have had a fantastic time eating. Lots of laughing and giggling. Lots of "knock-knock" jokes going on. And made-up jokes that didn't sound in the least bit funny, but apparently were to a table of silly kids.

Miles and his pinata. He was really sad to have to hit it. He didn't really want to. But of course did knowing candy was inside. But he is saving most of the pinata. Of course.


erinmalia said...

looks so fun! the pinata was great. was it hard for the kids to break?

courtney said...

i hear ya - with an anniversary in march, we have had all types of weather too. i love your spring party - i bet the neighbors loved it too!

ps - many a knock knock joke at our house also lack...funniness? at least in the traditional sense. :)