Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An Ugh Vent

So that pretty much sums up my life lately: Ugh. Actually, more like UGH! I don't know if it's just the fact that winter has cooped us all up together long enough or what. But man my kids are driving my crazy. CrAzY, cRaZy. And not really in a good way. UGH! Miles is negatively questioning everything lately - as well as talking back, as well as "accidentally" doing such-and-such to so-and-so 50 times an hour. Jonas has frankly become quite rude at times - along with his usually whiny-ness. Now when he's mad he grunts - for like 10 minutes. No joke. That's actually kind of funny. Kind of. But kind of annoying too. Emmy continues to scream, yell, and talk ugly. Today she told me, "I don't like you. You can't go to bed at nighttime (I guess that was some kind of threat?) She told me she didn't like me at a time when I actually had my patience. Oh well. I bit my tongue and did not say anything back to her. It was hard.

Want my kids?

Maybe Emmy should fire me.

And on top of all the pleasantness (not) from my children, Lucy has a cold/cough that wakes her up during the night. So now I get to wake up every few hours during the night - ugh. But I did finish a book with all the extra night-time feedings.

The house is a mess. Especially the boys' room. I am ready to do a huge spring clean-out. So ready.

But I do love my children. Really. We have grand moments that make me smile and happy (they just seem a little too few lately. . .)

Like this:
Lucy was super-excited about the painting supplies.


I like this picture of the lego-car driving through our forest of dog hairs. Awesome.

P.S. Thankfully Miles' b-day is tomorrow - time to liven things up and hopefully lead to a more chipper day for all of us!


rebecca said...

Oh Emily, I know what UGH! feels like! So sorry you're having a hard time right now. This whole mothering thing is way harder than it looks. It seems to go in waves - the really hard times and then the less hard times (because there are not really easy times are there?) Hopefully this really hard time will pass soon. For sure lack of sleep doesn't help. Hopefully Lucy will get over her cold quickly so you can at least have that going for you.

You just can't win! It's the worst when you are super patient and you still get worked by your kids! Don't you wish they could fire you, or put you in time out or send you to bed early? That would be the best! I want time out!

P.S. I LOVE Lucy's shirt! Such sweet memories of little girls before her. That made me smile.

erinmalia said...

oh i totally think it's winter. everyone's just getting cabin fever. we are for sure. i'm sorry i'm not closer so i could come rescue you and make the menfolk watch the kids. ha.

Rachelle said...

Ems, this reminds me of one of Anna's classic comments: "Mom, you are not perfect. Dad is perfect. But I think going to Relief Society will help you to become perfect." Let's hope! :)

courtney said...

i love this post! :) and i love that your kids drive you crazy, and not in a good way. i think that happens to all of us - or at least me!