Saturday, April 16, 2011

8 months

Lucy is 8-months old today (yea! i got the date right this time. . .). She continues to be a delight to our entire family. She'd be perfect if she'd learned how to sleep through the night. I guess we all have our faults.

She is getting her bottom lower front 2 teeth. She likes eating cereal puffs - well, not apple cinnamon flavor. But she did love the sweet potato ones. She currently has some stomach bug that causes havoc on her backside and clothing twice a day. She has an adorable squinty smile that melts me to pieces. She will roll over from front to back. I finally made myself force her to do tummy-time and she caught on quickly. But she doesn't like to be on her tummy much at all - within a minute she usually rolls over. She is nowhere near close to crawling. She doesn't roll from back to front yet. We'll work on that this month.

Emmy delights her! Emmy can play so well with her; it's awesome. Lucy just eats her up. Sweet little Jonas is a little to touchy with her, I think. He's so cute, but doesn't get the whole "personal space" concept. Miles is very sweet and good with her, too. But, again, it's Emmy that truly delights our little Lucy babe.

Here are some pictures of Lucy outside today - at the only spot where we have green grass (where our rain-gutters are. it has been so pathetically dry here. we've already had to turn on our sprinklers. ugh.). Anyways, here's the little sweetie at 8-months:

Everything has to go in the mouth. She couldn't keep her hands from shoving dirt, dead grass, tulip stems, etc. in her mouth.

She "claps" when you ask her to. Adorable.

The squinty-smile. Melting. . .

Purty cute.


erinmalia said...

totally cute. hopefully the stomach bug will leave her quickly!

Nicole said...

What a sweetheart! Yes, I agree. Too bad for you she doesn't sleep through the night! ISn't that a wonderful day??! Darling!

Niederfam said...

she really is simply adorable. so so cute. ;)

sorry about the sickness, i hope it passes QUICKLY too.

teething is NOT fun, i'll be so glad when emery has all of hers too.

Meg said...

So I didn't think it was possible for you to have any cuter kids than the 3 proceeding her but she is just about the cutest thing I've seen. Are you sure you want to stop now?

emily said...

thanks everyone. she is cute. and, yes, megan - i'm sure. why not go out on top? :)