Wednesday, April 27, 2011

9 years

9 Reasons Why It's Great to Be Married to Ben:

9. He's so darn handsome
8. He likes to bake interesting things from cookbooks such as "Scandinavian Baking" and "The Little House on the Prairie Cookbook."
7. He is extremely supportive of my roles as a lady, wife, and mother.
6. While he's not super great at planning things, he goes along great with my plans.
5. He likes me.
4. He can build things - like beds (using new material) to chicken coops (using old material):

3. He wants to be a farmer, but sticks with his real job so he can support his adoring family.
2. While he may not be a "master" in one thing (something that troubles him) he is incredibly talented in a whole variety of subjects and activities. He's well-rounded. Great to go camping with. Athletic even though he hardly tries. Desires to be better. Studies gospel principles. Hard working. Real handy - around the house and, ahem, my derriere. Intelligent (though he thinks not). And, yes, sometimes even funny.
1. Because my life is so much better with him in it.

Happy Anniversary to us!


erinmalia said...

yes yes, we all know ben is great and great for you!

but that coop is awesome! i love that miles is running around in there.

Rachelle said...

Happy Anniversary from us, too, as we were there from the very very beginning at apt. 301. You are perfect together.

I thought about Ben the other day. Joshua is trying to learn to pitch a baseball, and between his softball-playing mom and cricket-playing dad we're at a loss. I'm sure Br. Maxwell could help us out...

Thanks for the coop pictures. Our children are quite excited about YOUR children getting chickens. Maybe we'll just live vicariously through you. :)

courtney said...

love it! congratulations on nine years. i'll agree that ben is quite good at many different things. who wants to be good at one thing when you can be quite good at A LOT of things? so glad you guys found each other. :)

Kandy Sue said...

I am so glad he likes you too! That would be a loooooong eternity if he didn't...C;

rebecca said...

I'm so happy for you guys! You made it nine years. :) Ben is so great! He is crazy talented. I think it's waaaaay better to be great at a million things than super amazing at one thing. Except I think he IS super amazing at building. That coop is the bomb-diggity. I want one. I am so jealous of the entire coop/play-yard and your chicks. What a lucky family.

Happy anniversary you guys! Have a great tenth year.

rebecca said...

Emily!!! I just re-read you post and laughed out loud at you derrier comment! How did I miss that on my first read through?! Ha ha! So inappropriate. :) Good to know that love is still there. Ha ha!

Niederfam said...

YAY......Happy Anniversary a little late........Love the reasons, and that is AWESOME.........LOVE the chicken coop. Fantastic.... ;)