Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Little Bit of Spring Break

Miles started his spring break last week - he had a short-day on Thursday, then out Friday and all of this week. So after his assembly on Thursday (he got a "math award"!), I checked him out and we headed off to my folks' home. And I just have to say that my kids are really amazing car travelers. We get books on CDs, as well as some songs/poems, etc., and Miles just eats them up. Jonas stays pretty well tuned-in. Emmy? Not so much, but she does okay nonetheless. And Lucy does fantastic, too. She fusses very, very, very little. I'm so lucky.

Anyways, Friday was to be an actual "spring-like" day - nice and warm. So we hit up the park a couple of times that day:

Having a little picnic at a park. Love Jonas' backwards shirt. :) Right after this Emmy was in complete tears as the bathrooms were locked. When you gotta go, you gotta go! Poor girl. Our park time here ended sooner than planned.

But we did enjoy some swinging time before we left. Such cuties.

Happy! For now!


On Saturday my parents had some pre-arranged plans. I didn't want to just hang out at home, so we went off to the Zoo. It was the perfect day - cloudy, and neither too-hot nor too-cold. Awesome. It was really fun and neat to see all the animals. Miles was super excited about the "red bellied piranha." And all the birds we saw at one "rain forest" exhibit. And "everything" else, of course. They all really enjoyed it.

My monkeys and their monkeys.

Sunday was General Conference. The kids did really well considering it's so long. We played some conference bingo and the boys were pretty in to that (especially Miles). Oh, and spring? It left and snow came in its place that day. (My old stompin' ground town of Sandy - where, really, I did little stompin' - got 9 inches of snow!)

Monday we went to a place called Jungle Jim's Playsomething. I had bought coupons months and months ago online via some daily-deal site (tipped off by Ben's cousin, Mindy - thanks Mindy!). Actually, the coupon expired the last day of last year but because of the 2 feet of snow dumped at my parents' place we weren't able to go over winter break. So I asked my mom (cause I knew she would) to ask if they would still validate it and they did. So cool.

This place is pretty much indoor kiddie carnival rides. My kids loved, loved, loved it!
Some spinning ride.

The roller coaster. A definite favorite. Man it went fast for little kids! It went around and around, stopped, then did it all again and just as fast backwards. Crazy.

Oh bumper cars were a hit too! Well, except for Emmy. It was a little hard and confusing for her. I went once with her and we had a blast, though! But the boys loved this ride, too. It was just too fun watching them!

After the rides we went over to my Grandma Phyllis' place. I showed the kids a little "ledge" place down in the basement (my mom and grandma call it a ledge - I would call it more like a cellar-ledge. It's this underground, yet above basement floor, unfinished room. Like an attic, only accessed from the basement.) My sister and I, as well as my mom when she was a young girl, would always play in it. My kids loved it too and wanted to sleep-over in it that very nite. Cute. We then went to Red Lobster. Miles has wanted to go for the past couple of years and so my parents took us. Jonas and Emmy ate fries and dessert. Awesome. Oh, and the yummy rolls. Miles ate rolls, and he licked his bowl of clam chowder clean. He had ordered crab legs. He loved the idea of them, but just so-so liked eating them. :)
It was a fun experience for him.

My beautiful grandma and little girl.

We came back on Tuesday to a very lonely Ben. :) We missed him, too, so it was good to be back. Tho' my kids just don't understand why we can't live with grandparents.

P.S. My sleep at my parents's house was horrible! Lucy was up like 3 times each nite - then another kid would need me at some point during the nite as well (which hardly ever happens at home). One nite I was up like every hour for 4 hours. It was totally lame. I was in the same room as Lucy and will probably never do that again. We all have little colds - that seem worse at nite. I would try to stifle my coughs because if I made a sound it was awaken little Lucy. Then after I would feed her I had a hard time getting back to sleep because of Lucy's stuffed-nosed-induced snoring. So I was probably pretty cranky to be around! But the other 3 kids did pretty darn well sleeping all together in one room. But, dang, Lucy is almost 8 months and I am ready for some good, full-nite sleepin'! :)

P.P.S. Man am I a wordy girl!


erinmalia said...

oh i wish i could be there! and i'm so proud of miles and his math award. like nephew, like aunt!

Niederfam said...

oh VERY fun. love it. and just in case, i BELIEVE it is called jungle jim's play....LAND. special, isn't it? ;)

i'm sure everyone enjoyed the company.

courtney said...

i love the wordy posts! i love that your parents are so close that you can drive there. me = jealous! and it looks like you all had a blast (minus the not-sleeping part of it)