Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter Fun-festivities

The pictures aren't the greatest, really, but document I must. . .
What a goofy picture of dyeing Easter eggs!

So I saw a couple of blogs where they grew wheat grass in the Easter baskets. I loved the idea and started right away - since I only had 10 days until Easter. As you can see I had varied results - even though the seeds came from the exact same bowl, all soaked over nite, all baskets in the same locations each day, etc. So weird. And of course it was Miles' basket that grew like wild. Of course, because luck just seems to follow him like that. I'm so doing this again, but giving myself a few extra days. . . just in case.

Saturday morning was filled with the easter-egg hunt in the backyard (a cold and wet backyard) and the easter-basket hunt inside. Miles seemed pretty happy about his basket!

So precious.

Pure excitement!

Finding eggs.

Emmy's color-coded pink egg.

Luckily the easter-bunny didn't forget Lucy and brought her this toy (Miles actually prayed the nite before that the easter-bunny would bring something for Lucy. Whew.).


erinmalia said...

awesome. and so weird about the wheat grass!

Kandy Sue said...

I forgot to tell you when we were dying eggs for Preschool, Jonas would only use the "yellow" because that was "HIS" color...I told him it was okay to use the other colors too if he wanted so finally he did, but I had to laugh that he wouldn't use any other color because "My Mom said my color is YELLOW"...Too CUTE!