Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up-Close and Personal

I was trying to get a {silly} shot of her sprouting tooth. . .

P.S. I am so doing THIS and THIS.


erinmalia said...

the color-coded eggs is a great idea. but i think you could also customize it, you know? have the kids pick the color in advance and then each one would get a small toy, but miles's would be a bird and jonas's a bike and emmy's a tiara or something silly. of course, since we're talking about eggs, maybe not. i guess that's what baskets are for. strike that.

emily said...

we'll still "customize" the eggs a bit. there are different patterns and ways to dye, i think, that will still make them unique. plus, all 5 of us will dye eggs and so we'll still have a colorful assortment. miles was all game for it. :)

Niederfam said...

DANG IT, I want to do THIS and THIS, too!!!! But I'm a little late for the grass now..........however I can still color code. LOVE that.

Happy Easter, a little early!!! ;)