Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grandma Whicker's Burial

The pall-bearers. I don't really know the first two men (neighbors, I think), but there is my father, my brother, Derek, and George (married to my Aunt Karen).

I wanted the kids to have a little part and I think one of them earlier had mentioned sending off balloons to Grandma (we have an "older" friend here in town that takes us with her to send off balloons to her mother on important dates such as Mothers' Day, her mothers' birthday, etc.). So we got a balloon in honor of each great-grandchild (5) and had the kids send them up to her.

Up, up, and away to grandma. . .

They did so great the entire weekend. They were so good at the viewing - they were so interested in seeing Grandma, had many questions - many, many questions. It was awesome. At the funeral they did great too and remained mostly quiet for all of it. Miles and Jonas even listened.

She was perfectly delightful.

There we were. Karen (my aunt) and George were there, too. But out of respect to my lovely mother (knowing she would not be pleased with herself in the picture!), I won't show the one picture I got of them. But it was great to see them again - they are wonderful people. At the luncheon afterwards someone came up to my aunt and told her how much she looked like Phyllis. My aunt replied, "Thank you. I take that as a compliment." So true - my Grandma was such a beautiful lady and Karen does look so much like her!


Stacey said...

what an amazing tribute to one that could only be an amazing woman. how lucky you were to have her around for so long.

also, love your blazer.

Nicole said...

The balloons are such a cute idea. Glad your kids did so well!