Monday, May 09, 2011

Fishing Derby Day #5

Our 5th year at the local fishing derby day. A few fish were caught, rods were given to us, and free hot dogs for lunch - plus, warm (too warm almost!) and beautiful weather. It was a good day:
Lucy was such a great sport - she just mainly chilled and pulled/ate the grass. What a great fishing buddy.

Oh I love Miles' true smile shining through in this picture.

As Ben said, "Emmy in the one-minute of her fishing." Love it, though.

Miles caught 2 fish. He wanted them both to be released back in the water. Which is fine. I'm frankly surprised that he hadn't asked us to do that earlier. He was quite worried about the fish not being able to breathe. I think they both survived.

Sweet little Jonas. He wanted to catch one so badly. It pained my mama-heart. So towards the end I finally had got one and it was a big one - seriously! I had Jonas come over to start reeeling in "his" fish. Ben came to help and was surprised that it was a big fish. Too bad that within 2 feet of coming to shore, that darn fish got away. I was so mad. But at least Jonas could claim that he caught the biggest one. :)

When Lucy was bored pulling and eating grass, big sister Emmy helped and fed her some Cheerios. What sweet sisters they are. Love my girls. Love my boys.


erinmalia said...

haha. i thought i was going to read that emmy helped by feeding lucy the grass. that would have been awesome.

courtney said...

the derby sounds like so much fun - and i'm glad that jonas got to reel in the biggest fish! and grass is good for babies, right? nutrients and stuff?