Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A LOT more Mish-Mash

Here are some more random pictures of what our family has been up to lately:

We started a little 1'x6' garden for the kids using the square-foot gardening method. They each get 2 one-foot sections. Here is Jonas huffing and puffing as he carries over the watering can to water.

Cute little Emmy - I help her decide what to wear in the morning. An hour later she's gone through oodles of other "outfits." This was a pretty great one. She loves her "klip-klop" shoes (I bought them as "Sunday shoes." She wants to wear them all. the. time. They are already pretty scuffed.)

Lucy seemed entertained enough as we worked in the garden. She tasted all sorts of grass and dirt.

Jonas planting his peas, I think.

This gal can't be of my blood! What, holding a chicken! What?! She even chases it and grabs it since they run away and are now big and fast. But look how big Princess Nora is! Yikes. Despite my dislike and/or fear of birds, I'm pretty nice to our chickens. I feed them a gourmet salad most days - and a couple times a day, sometimes, too. Gourmet salad for chickens is what, you ask? Dandelion greens - oh they love them so! Also, as I was out back this afternoon I noticed that the chickens were excessively chirpy. It didn't sound right; I knew something was wrong. Yep, turned out their water container was completely dry. I was proud of myself for understanding "bird talk." (In fact I have told Miles, waaaaay before today's incident, that I can tell when his bird is chirping b/c he needs fresh water and food. Just call me Mrs. Doolittle please.) (Wanna know something funny, though? I was pretty petrified of putting the water container back in their coop with them all inside. I did not want them stampeding towards me to get to their water! So I kept banging and banging on the coop until they all went outside to their chicken run. Then I quickly opened the latched, plopped the water down, and closed the latch up again!)

Emmy - the princess-pirate. At least that is what she looks likes to me. This is her "smile like a princess" pose. Why does she think princesses are so sad looking?

Wow, what a great get-up! I have an adorable video of Jonas (down below) but it is sideways! So mad! But I posted it so you can still hear Jonas' adorable giggles. I thought the camera was on "picture mode" and so I was going to do a vertical shot. Turns out I still had it on "video mode" and you can't take vertical videos. Lame.

This is Jonas' new friend/toy: Buzzy-bee. How nice of Jonas to feed him some Cheerios, huh?

The Jonas Brother.

And this is pretty long and monotonous. But it's my Miles. So I love it.


erinmalia said...

oh man, your kids are great. but seriously, those chickens? UGH. you're a better woman than i!

courtney said...

i love mish-mash! and i hope you get more out of your garden boxes than we do. i guess my thumb is not so green?