Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lucy at 9 months +

Lucy was 9 months on Monday (these pictures were taken on Tuesday). She remains pretty much awesome. She finally sleeps through the night. I put her down sometime between 7-7:30 and she doesn't wake up to feed until 4-5am ish. Lovely. She'll then go back down until 6:30-7, when the whole upstairs starts rumbling with siblings.

She's also become mobile. Eeeeek. It's great, though, and not-so-great, too. Now I have to scour a much larger area for small objects, etc. She's not crawling, but scooting around everywhere. Each day she improves in her abilities. She thinks it's great - the whole being mobile thing. It's wonderful.

She loves books. She adores looking at baby books - i.e., books with baby pictures in it. She gets so happy when I get one down from the bookshelf. She also loves, loves, loves turning book pages. Loves it. It's definitely one of her favorite pastimes. She loves flipping through the hymnal at church too. If she gets the chance, she also loves to eat the pages up.

Speaking of eating. . . she's eating cheese, bread, cracker crumbs, cheerios, and yogurt. Apparently, as I discovered yesterday, she strongly dislikes avocado. She liked it at one point, but man she did not like it yesterday. In fact, that is something that I should for sure get on video. If I remember, you just might see her reaction to avocados.

Lucy is pretty much the pride and joy of our family - we all just adore her to pieces.


erinmalia said...

yea for 9 months! those eyes crack me up.

Nicole said...

1ti1`Such a cute girl! I know what you mean about being mobile. Definitely pros and cons! It's fun to watch them grow!