Monday, May 23, 2011

Mish-mash (including a graphic Quote of the Week)

This is Miles yesterday afternoon (sidenote: one of our "elderly" friends in the area got the kids some PJs. the kids all adore them and put them on as soon as we got home from church!). Miles made some cookies - all. by. himself. He asked me yesterday morning if I wanted some "quiet time to take a nap." Uh, yeah! He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to do a surprise. Make something. On his own. We reviewed some rules: like follow the recipe exactly (we had caught a glimpse of the recipe, found in the Friend, while he was perusing it during Sacrament meeting). Miles had told me he only had to microwave it, but Ben saw that there was no heating/cooking involved. So we tried to slyly tell him that if it said not to cook it, don't cook, or if to cook it on the stove, cook it on the stove, etc. After several *tryng* minutes, I felt that he was actually going to follow the recipe. Towards the end he came to me (I was in the office talking to my sis) explaining that the cookies were just too sticky and he just haaaaaad to cook them. I told him that that probably wouldn't make things better. Then he came back all delighted b/c he realized that if you put them in the fridge, they hardened up! He was very excited and proud of his cookies. The whole family enjoyed them as well.

Jonas went around one morning taking pictures of Emmy. This one is pretty great.

And for the *graphic* quote of the week. It's a little embarrassing - on mine and Ben's part. Mainly because we hadn't told our boys the correct anatomical name of their boy parts (ha, there I go again, skirting the use of its real name. But I don't like the word.) We've just called it a "pee-pee" for as long as I can remember. But, suddenly, one evening during bath-time I told Ben that I thought we should tell the kids its real name. He readily agreed. So after telling them it was called a "penis," Jonas goes and pats his backside and, in all seriousness, exclaims,

"And this is my pooh-nis."

Pee-nis. Pooh-nis. Classic. Teehee.


Niederfam said...

OH MY GOSH.....I LOVE that. Too funny, pee-nis, pooh-nis, he's is QUITE smart, really. ;)

Nicely done Miles.........I'm VERY impressed

Cute CUTE baby girl, I can't believe it's been 9 months. FLEW by for me...... ;)

erinmalia said...

Seriously, why i have never thought of a poonis? It's great. We've used the real words for things just to avoid having to make the transition, but we definitely miss out on these types of gems.

And what kind of cookies were they? I want some.

Nice shot of emmy. :)

Nicole said...

How cute of Miles! I love that he wanted to make you guys a surprise.

And too funny! I guess we should make sure we use the right names too. We haven't had to do much there yet but we all get our turn at some point, right?!

courtney said...

i am DYING! that is so funny. ah, jonas. i'm going to be laughing about that for a long time. :)

as for miles, someone telling me they are going to make cookies while i take a nap = dream come true. even better that they are no-bakes!