Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

My lovely cards, lilacs, and rhubarb pie.

So Mother's Day was really a lovely little day. I got delicious smelling lilacs from our yard. Sweet and thoughtful cards that Ben had the children do. Plus more random notes from the kids hidden throughout the house. Plus artwork from Miles from school, a potted plant from each boy, etc., etc. It was fun. Ben sent me out the day before and I got 3 new shirts. Plus we had our first rhubarb pie of the season. A great day.

Here are the insides to the cards Ben had the kids do:

What do you like about Mom?
M: I like her because she's my mom. I don't know.
J: Um, that's she a nice mom.
E: She helps me clean my room.

What do you like to do with Mom?
M: I don't know. Learn how to make crafts.
J: Play with her. . . Minotaurs.
E: Play with her. . .Play princess game.

What's your favorite thing about Mom?
M: How she looks. . . I think. I don't really know.
J: That she always gives me treats when I tell her I want one. (I don't)
E: Playing with Lucy with her.

What do you want to do for Mom?
M: Give her stuff. Like stuff I've made.
J: Make her happy.
E: Make her a note that will say, "Happy, happy, happy Church day!"

Why do you love your Mom?
M: I love her because she's in my family.
J: Because she looks nice. Because she looks beautiful.
E: Because she is so sweet.

Then I got a few other notes from Miles that he did at school:
"Dery Mom,
I'm glad that we have a small number of kids. I love are family because we have fun. I will even help you make dinr. I like to here you tall me haw to make a kraft."

I'll put the correct spelling of some words you might difficulty figuring out in brackets.

"My mom's rele [real] name is Emily Kiana Galbrath. Then it was chanjd whin my mom & dad got mered [married] - to Maxwell. She has bourawn hair & blue eyes. She like to rede [read], wer flip flops all the time, and her mom's haws [house]. She wrks. At my bresday [birthday] she got me a pet tatpl [tadpole]. I love my Mom."

And I love my children that call me Mom. All 4 of them. All of the time.

P.S. Ben and I are lucky to have 2 wonderful mothers in our lives. We love and admire them greatly. We love how wonderful they are as supportive mothers in our lives now, and the great grandmas they are to our kids. We are blessed.


erinmalia said...

uh, miles is glad that you have a small number of kids?! you're not living in utah. isn't four a lot there?

p.s. fun post. i love what the kids say.

Nicole said...

So cute! I love that both you and Erin got lilacs from your yard for Mother's Day! Ben did a good job with the cards!

Rachelle said...

Yay, we had a card scavenger hunt here, too...and Miles' card almost gave me a lump in my throat - loved it!

Melissa said...

The "I don't knows" made me smile.

courtney said...

great picture with you and the kiddos! and the q&a with ben is priceless - so sweet!