Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 months, and a little more. . .

Lucy turned 10 months last Thursday. What new can I tell about her? She adorable, but that's nothing new. :)

So let's see. Still no crawling, but she has definitely mastered the "scoot." She's very adept at it! She seems sooooo close to crawling, yet she's seemed like that for weeks now. She'll got on her knees and hands all the time. Plus, she'll also get on her hands and feet and stick her bum waaaay up in the air. It's awesomely cute.

She can pull herself up - but doesn't do it much since I don't think we have much around for her to pull herself up on? But she loves to pull herself up to the bathtub. Probably because she just wants to dive right in - she LOVES baths.

She now says "mama." I'm in love with that, of course. :) She likes to nod her head up and down. She's getting 3 + teeth at the present time (at least what I could see. . . there could be more), in addition to the bottom 2 she has.

I've started the process of weaning her so that by a year she'll be done. She already started taking less of an interest, so I knew it was time. I go slowly in my weaning: like dropping a feeding every couple of weeks. Then it's not such a painful process. She hasn't been eating super great, but I think that might be due to the said teeth coming in. But who really knows? Perhaps she takes after her older sister and is a less-than fan of fruits and veggies?

Lucy is, indeed, one of the best things in my life. What a darling little blessing she is to our family.


erinmalia said...

10 months?! that's crazy talk. remember rhett didn't get teeth until he was 1? maybe it's in our genes.

courtney said...

so. cute. i love the hands and feet with the bum in the air - my kids have both done that too. it is like a baby yoga pose. :)