Monday, June 20, 2011

Camp Raw-Raw

We went camping this past weekend. And it may or may not be our last camping trip. Not that it was horrible, but it did have a rough beginning. But we finally settled in to camp and did have some enjoyable camp moments.

I called it Camp Raw-Raw due to the fact that there was a fire-ban. So lame. So our s'mores were "raw," oatmeal was cold, and hot dogs were cold, too. But that was all fine. Miles burst in to tears when he found out that we were not going to have a fire (my boys love playing with fires). But it worked out okay.

It was a little chilly on Friday when we were setting up camp and playing around. The sun would come out for a moment or two, then would go away and brrrr. It even hailed on us for about 30 seconds.
S'more time. Miles decided that he liked the cooked ones better. But it must have been okay enough to have a 2nd. :) (Lucy was sleeping in the tent by this time.)

The kids went on a short little walk with Ben while I was putting Lucy to bed.

(A little out of order, sorry.) So here is Lucy ready for bed. She went down really, really well. She just didn't stay down all nite. At 1:30 she awoke and cried out. I grabbed her and snuggled her up by me with our blankets (it was a very cold nite. when i went to the car at 6:15am, it said 29 degrees.). I can't sleep with a child next to me. I was always checking to make sure the blankets weren't covering her, etc. And if I moved it would disturb her - and, when camping, you got to change positions about every 15 minutes or so! By 3 am I had to do it - a full-shifted body change. Lucy awoke, so I just held her for the rest of the nite. From 3-4:30 I sat on the ground. From 4:30-6:15 I got on my camping chair. And I didn't get a wink of sleep, not even a nod. It was slightly miserable - not because I was tired (tho of course I was) but because I was a little chilly and A LOT bored. By 6:15, after Jonas had stirred and awakened, I was done, got the keys from Ben, and took Lucy with me and thawed out in the car for a little bit. :) Do you want to know what times the birds start chirping? 4:45 according to my watch.

Two cute kids having fun in the tent!

One boy enjoying some food in the great outdoors.

This was the boys' favorite activity: creating dust-smoke! They got filthy, but pretty much loved every minute of it.

We had never seen so much animal-evidence: tracks all over - deer, elk?, little mice/chipmunks, bird tracks; all sorts of poop; this beautiful ground nest with eggs; chopped down trees by beavers; dams; and Ben even spotted an owl pellet (apparently owls don't have teeth and so they gulp down their prey whole. the undigestables come back up as pellets and you can find such treasures inside the pellets. such as bones. teeny-tiny bones. crazy).

Morning time in the back of our car. Ben thought Lucy looked a little knight-ish. A beautiful knight, of course.

On Saturday we headed out on our hike - we left our camp at 7:30. It was a really beautiful hike and really fun. The kids did super well on the way out. It was a nice downward slope and took us 1 1/2 hours.

Lucy eventually fell asleep. Sooooo cute.

We hiked to "Rough & Tumbling Creek." It was just beautiful and lovely. There were dams all over. So pretty there! I loved all the trees logged by beavers! So cool. We'd find logs all over that were chewed up by beavers as well. It was so cool. (Weird: with all the signs of animals, we didn't see anything but birds! Weird.)

Crossing the "bridge." Super fun. Of course we had to get a picture of all the kids doing it. . .

Beautiful, huh!?

Hiking back was a little more of a challenge. Within a minute of starting back and up, the boys started complaining of their legs hurting. Emmy didn't - she got a free ride with Ben on the way back (I had Lucy on the way back.). But I held their hands for the most of it, and that seemed to keep the complaints at bay. I was proud of the boys for doing it - and they get to check off a requirement for their "hiking" badge (one of two 5-mile hikes).

Jonas wanted to see what it was like carrying Lucy. I love his face here in the picture. He is really a happy little fellow and generally a very easy-going optimistic little guy. (Tho he can whine with professional skill.) He lasted a minute or so like this - with me holding it up in the back. Too cute.

The end result of all this camping and hiking? Very. Messy. Kids. And some good memories, too.


erinmalia said...

DUDE. i want to be that cold. and camping. and with your fun little family. sooo funny about no fires.

courtney said...

i love it! and i'm jealous. camping in muggy humidity is just not that fun. sorry about the fire-ban, but glad that the campout finished better than it started!