Sunday, June 05, 2011

Curly Emmy

And here is the after-curler shots:

Taking them out!

Look how tight they were in the back! Wowzers. All but one stayed in all nite - I was pretty impressed.

I can't tell you how many times Ben or I said, "She's so cute!" or "She's so pretty!" We were pretty smitten by her. :) The curls were real tight ringlets during church, but by later afternoon they had softened into lovely loose curls. Both looks were adorable. She loved her curls.

P.S. Today was cupcake day in our family. It started back in 2007. Today I invented rhubarb cupcakes. Okay, I really didn't invent them. Grandma Dee gave us a recipe for rhubarb cake last year - so I decided to use that recipe for cupcakes instead. Then I topped them off with cream-cheese frosting. Pretty yum.


i {heart} hawkes said...

sponge curlers are so fun!! emmy looks adorable.

erinmalia said...

so cute. did she have a hard time sleeping with them?

emily said...

she didn't seem to have any trouble sleeping.

courtney said...

emmy is so, SO cute! love the curls.

and i think i would love rhubarb cupcakes. i KNOW i would love instituting cupcake day. :)