Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I hope all the father's have a great day today - they deserve it. I know that both myself and my husband lucked out with great dads who continue to love and support us still. We still look up to our dads and seek their advice and input. And I know that my children like-wise lucked out with a wonderful father that loves and supports them.

Here are the answers the children gave when we were making cards for Ben:

I like my dad because
he plays. (E)
he helps me. (J)
he's my dad. (M)

My favorite thing to play with dad is
just anything.

He is so nice because
he kisses.
he helps me clean the chicken coop.
he takes me fishing.

He is so funny because
he makes funny faces.
he makes silly faces.
he talks funny.

I like to _______ with my dad.
ride bikes
do stuff

1 comment:

courtney said...

i love the picture of your kiddos with ben. and he can definitely rock a bow-tie. (i always think of james thorpe when i see those...)

as always, i would give anything to kiss little lucy's cheeks! so cute.

ps - i'm jealous you got to see my brother and his family! aren't my nephews super cute? i haven't met the newest, but he has pretty cute cheeks too - so you might keep him in mind for miss lucy. :)