Thursday, June 30, 2011

Merit Badge Update

Again, I'm playing catch-up with some old photos (and some new) and so I pretty much have a ton of photos.

We have been working on our "merit badges." We still have a long way to go to get them all. But oh when we get them all what fun we'll have! (We just haven't decided what the "fun" will be. . .)

One of the first badges the boys worked on was fishing. Ben took them out one morning and here's what happened. . .
Jonas brought in a fish on his first cast (well, technically, Ben's cast)! Wahoo. I was so happy to hear he got one!

Here is Miles putting a worm on the hook. One of the requirements. He passed it off! Squeamish Jonas didn't. :)

Another great picture of Jonas brining in a fish.

Miles caught some crawdads. Crayfish. Whatever they are called. He was thrilled. He brought one home and it lived for less than 24 hours. Oh well. It was huge, I thought.

Jonas ended up catching 3 - sweet!

Miles did end up catching one fish. He seems pretty pleased! He's into the catch 'n release these days, tho, so that fish ended back in the water. The other fish ended mainly in Ben's belly in the form of some kind of fish-pie.

I {heart} this picture.

(A little out of order. . .) Miles picked some radishes today from his garden plot. One of the "gardening" requirement was to grow a plant from seed. Check. We ate them with dressing. Well Miles and I did. Jonas didn't like them and got out carrots instead. I'm not sure what Emmy did. Ben ate a "saved" one from Miles when he got home - plain. He spit it out.

Here is Miles with his first earned badge: biking. Cute!

And here is the sweet Jonas with his, too!

This week I decided we would work on the "health and exercise" badge. Requirements: run a lap without stopping, 1 min. of jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, and 10 sit-ups. So we've gone to the high school this week and have worked on it. It's been super fun.

Miles finishing up his first lap - he did it the first time without stopping. He ran around it again that day, too. And he did 10 sit-ups, plus 1 min. of jumping-jacks. He couldn't quite get the push-ups, though. Until later that night he did them for Ben. He sooooo wanted another badge. It was awesome. (We went back to the track on Tuesday and Miles ran around it twice without stopping. He ended up running 2 more times around it and was so pleased that he ran a mile.)

How great is this picture!?!?

Jonas ran around his first time without stopping. Emmy sort of did. :) But when we went back on Tuesday, Jonas couldn't even run around once without stopping. He was tired, I guess, from the day before! Jonas still has some more to work on for his badge. . . like sit-ups (he did 9 and literally could not do one more. so sad!) and push-ups. We'll try again. . .

Here are my little booklets. So unfancy. But my sister wanted to see them so here they are. They get the job done.

The inside.

The plaques. I bought the wood at Walmart for under $1. The kids painted them. I wrote the words with a Sharpie. And voila! I just got to figure out where, exactly, to put them. . .


erinmalia said...

awesome. simply awesome. although, i want to see all the requirements, but you can send those just to me. can i send rhett to live with you next summer? looks like so much fun at your house!

Debbie said...

I agree your house is fun! However, I don't think I could ever earn the 'health and exercise' badge because I cannot do a push up.
Can't wait to hear about the 'fun' the kids will earn! :)

rebecca said...

Ok, you are amazing. Can I send my kids with Erin's kids. They would have such a great summer at your house.

rebecca said...

Oh, and I meant to say, that picture you {heart} is so great! That needs to be framed. It's worth more than a thousand words.

Niederfam said...

really AMAZING. What a SUPER mom. HONEST. So cool. Someday I might have to ask more details about this, but I'm pretty sure I'm not up for it this summer. :)

LOVE Emmy's face in the "BUSTED" pictures too. SO so darn sad, scared, sorry? Whichever it was, they are priceless. ;)