Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Odds 'n Ends

I'm playing catch-up with some photos we took with our old camera and finally transferred them via our new - now returned - camera. Make sense? The "new" camera wasn't any good - so many blurry shots! Argh. So I just took it back tonite. . . now we need to find another one. . .

Anyways, here is one cute girl. She's in to a whole lot now. Like everything. She likes to explore cupboards, the dishwasher, etc. She loves to go all over the house. Luckily she has a lot of "helpers" when she gets to close to some down-stairs. . . She took an actual crawl-step today! But it wasn't your typical crawl-step on hand and knees. A step on 2 hands, 1 knee and 1 foot. Can you picture it? Totally adorable.

Who is this and why is she so sad, you might ask!?

Wow, that's quite the look.

Ohhhh, that's right. Emmy was sad because she wasn't too pleased with my response to her activities in her room one day. And believe me, my response could have been a whole lot worse. I didn't scream, perhaps slightly yelled, and didn't even lay a finger or hand on her. I could have, but she felt pretty darn bad about it. But I'm not sure if that was because she was scared or if she was actually sorry. . . maybe a little of both? I can dream, right? :)

My tree-climbing handsome boy.

Miles always wants to sell stuff. Usually it's stuff that, sadly, nobody but grandparents (his grandparents) would want to buy. Like jokes that he makes up, writes out, and draws a picture with it. (Miles is too practical to think up jokes that are. . . funny.) Or plastic baggies that he covers with blue painter's tape and makes into little purses. Creative, you bet. Sellable. I don't think so. So I convinced him to do the kool-aid and treat stand. He helped and we worked on it together. And you know what that kid brought in? $13.50. Not bad, not bad.

p.s. the first picture, of Lucy, was taken with the "new" camera. see how Lucy is blurry and it focused on the dishwasher instead? we had a bunch of pictures like this one. totally frustrating and lame.


erinmalia said...

omygoodness. that picture of emmy? i have to imagine that you weren't that mad because you at least got the camera. did the blue come off the bed? i'm dying to know!

that lucy is adorable. as are the cute boys, of course.

emily said...

oh i was mad. but i had enough sense to know i'd want a picture of it someday. :)

everything totally came out. sooooo lucky. emmy wiped it all off and it was quite easy. lucky girl.

courtney said...

ok - i've been laughing at emmy's pictures all day! the purple, the purple tears streaming down her face, the purple feet - - that is good stuff. also, i'm very glad it all came out!

lucy is still just as cute as she can be. even if she is blurry. (which i didn't notice!)