Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tinytown and Littleton

We went to Ben's parent's home for this past weekend. It was so grand. We got a few pictures, but of course none of the reason we were there: to see family. Lame-o. I'm no good at getting pictures of our kids with their grandparents. They also got to see Great-Grandma Dee and Ben's aunt Gail this trip. It was all delightful.

On Sunday afternoon we went and walked the Temple grounds. Of course, as you can tell from the above photo, my kids were completely reverent, walked with arms folded, spoke only in soft whispers, and did not want to jump in to the fountain in the front.

On Saturday was visited a little place called Tinytown. There are 2 real-live steam locomotives there (miniature, of course) and little replicas of Denver homes, stores, buildings, etc. to walk around and peek in at. There are a few buildings, like the above fire-station, that the kids can actually get in to. The others are cutely "decorated - think larger-scale dollhouses.

Just so cute.

Peeking in at the library.

Lucy enjoyed her swing ride there at the park.

The 3 kids all rode in the caboose. So cool.

We actually saw the coal get shoveled in. Pretty neat. Diana came with us and so that was a treat. She knew/recognized a lot of the buildings.

The kids loved playing in their grandparents' backyard. Jonas loved climbing the tree. Emmy loved doing whatever. Miles loved pestering. And, true to Miles' form, he came home with a treasure from his grandparents' place: a cactus (each kid got to take one).

We loved Tinytown, parks in Littleton, the Temple - and mostly and lastly, Family!

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erinmalia said...

haha. that second-to-last picture makes your kids look so big! they look like adults. it totally threw me.