Thursday, July 21, 2011


So when we moved to Montrose I think we thought we'd go to Grand Junction a lot more than we do. Today I went there and I think it was the first time in the whole year that we've gone to Grand Junction (as opposed to through, which we do when we go to my parent's home). I had a friend call me (we met b/c our husbands were best-friends in HS) because she was visiting her in-laws (while allowing her husband some quiet time to work on his dissertation. . .). So we decided to meet on Main Street and let the kids frolic in the splash-pad (or whatever those things are called). Frolic they did - for over 2 hours! It was great fun to be there (their Main Street rocks compared to Montrose's) and even a bonus to chat with friends. I really loved it and the kids were pretty much besides themselves with having too much fun:
Cute, wet, and cold Jonas (luckily it warmed up. . . )

Oh boy, too much fun!

This is Lucy and my friend's baby Maren. (Marin? I'm not really sure.) Lucy was really interested in her!

It was impossible to get a great picture of their cuteness, but this is close. :)

Lunch time! Yum.

The fountains were super great and cool. I loved just watching them.

Jonas just did this on his own right after I took the above picture. . . so sweet and cute.


Emily said...

Awesome splash pad! Looks far less crowded than ours too. Grand Junction looks like a great place!

erinmalia said...

totally cool, in all senses of the word.

courtney said...

we love the spray-ground or splash pad or whatever it is called! i am always too lazy to bring my camera along - so good for you!