Friday, July 08, 2011

J4W, Part: Monday (the actual 4th!)


Yea, Happy 4th of July! We left early and headed back to Provo for the Grand Parade.

Front-row seats thanks to the generous people behind us.

An interesting parade entry.

The Utah Provo Mission missionaries and President (in car).

Cool Cosmo.

After the parade we found a spot to eat our picnic lunch. It was the perfect spot - on a chapel's quaint, shady lawn. Lovely.
Man did she look adorable. Too bad she just can't quite get the "smile normal" part. But sweet nonetheless!

Whaddup Jay-dog?

The kids loved playing on the trees and just running around having a fun time.

After the picnic the next quest was to find a shaved-ice place. We found this one - the one where Ben had his very first shaved-ice (with me, nonetheless). It's an awesome "store." Soooo good. We weren't the only ones wanting shaved-ice on this hot, festive day.


Of course Lucy loved it, too! :)

Then it was back to my parent's home. We had a little bit of "down-time" (which, of course, meant my kids playing in the garage). Then we got out the slip-n-slide!

Oh this picture is my kids checking out the snakes that the next-door kids (19 visiting kids!) had found near the marshy area by my parent's home. I loved it when one boy came to me, while we were sliding away, "Uh, just so you know, some of our snakes got loose." Nice. Picked up Lucy. But I think they found them all pretty quickly. . . Jonas, after his big incident of riding over one on his bike, was way-less squeamish and even held one. The neighbor kids even offered us a free snake! I declined.

Slip-n-slide was followed by late naps and dinner.

Then pop-rocks. I don't really know what you call them. Is pop-rocks candy? Anyhow, these are the extent of fireworks I got. But, really, my kids love them! Maybe next year I'll buy them 2 boxes each. :)
Jonas went for a twirly send-off!

Miles went for an up, up, and away send-off!

Then that evening my 3 boys went with my parents to their annual Oakley rodeo tradition. It was another late evening for them - getting home at 11pm. But they really, really liked it! Miles especially loved the clowns, I think. The last few days at home the kids have dressed up as cowboys and the such. Even making Emmy wear her cowgirl stuff. :) Cute.

I like this picture.

The girls stayed home with me. I put Lucy down and then Emmy and I watched Tangled. We also watched some of the neighbors' fireworks. BOOM! She had a hard time falling asleep in the big room by herself and so I brought her back up at 10pm for the town's fireworks. She lasted about 3 minutes - then told me she was cold and tired and wanted to go to bed. I patted her and told her goodnight and that was that. :)

Fun Fourth!


Debbie said...

Your parents must have a pretty sweet garage. :)

erinmalia said...

haha. that last picture of mom has her frowning. awesome. good pics otherwise!

emily said...

it's kind of a smiling-frown, tho, right?

erinmalia said...

well maybe only because we know her. otherwise it totally looks like a frown.

courtney said...

so fun! i love the pop-rock pictures. and star wars makes an appearance in the parade? didn't see that one coming.