Wednesday, July 06, 2011

J4W, Part: Saturday

Saturday, up and at 'em! We woke up and headed down to Provo to hike the Y. We did this last year and it was one of the boys' merit badge requirements for "hiking." My mom came with us and so that was extra special.
We were not the only ones with the brilliant idea to hike the Y. The parking lot (and then some) was packed full. But we found a good and close spot and were still glad we got there in the morning before the full blast of the sun was out.

Miles was such a good sport! Not even one complaint from him. Even though, according to him, his "legs hurt." He had tons of questions and just kept a going. He was great.

I don't think I see a love of hiking in Emmy's future. But she did okay - with a lot of help from Ben. Help as in carrying her up for a lot of it.

Adorable little Lucy. Last year she was 8 months old gestationally when we hiked the Y. I much prefer carrying her on the outside. I mean, look what I get to look at!

There we are! Success! Jonas complained a little, but not too much. But he did it! Wahoo. As we were going down (which is so much worse, really!) I asked Jonas, "But wasn't it sort of fun?" He said "no." Then I explained that some things really aren't fun, but they are still worth doing in order to accomplish hard tasks, etc. I'm sure he had tuned me out by then.

Cute kids with their cute grandma.

Lucy finally fell asleep on the hike down. Awwww.

After the hike we headed to the BYU campus. I had to get a few items from the bookstore. We wandered through a bit of the campus and such and then ate lunch at the CougarEat. My dad had joined us by this time.
Just a picture of the kids at some statue on campus. Proof that we were there I guess. (Poor Ben is hardly in any photos. He enjoyed "getting to know" our new camera and delighted in using it. A lot.)

After BYU we went to Cabelas. It's a fun place. But perhaps more fun when you don't have 4 kids with you? Anyways. . . we had a bunch of "Cabela money," via our credit card usage, and so we were able to get 3 sleeping bags. Now we've got a total of 6 pretty good sleeping bags. Sweet.

After that we drove home and the afternoon was spent in more swimming (this time in shifts: me and emmy, then ben and the boys), garage play, and naps for all the kids.

We made the kids take a late nap because that evening, at 8:15, we were going to an outdoor theater production of The Sound of Music (one of my favorites!) So I left Lucy with a stranger at my parent's house (but boy was she a cute darling of a stranger. a 14-year old girl from my parent's ward.) and we headed a few miles to the "theater."
I loved it. I loved watching my kids watching it just as much, too! It was a fun and great production, I thought. The kids really did like it, too. They stayed up for it all - it wasn't over until close to 11pm! Nuts. It got a little cool and so luckily at intermission we all got some hot chocolates to share. We did bring jackets and blankets, too. It was just a fun evening watching a wonderful play.

And so that was our Saturday.


erinmalia said...

i love that guy sliding in the background of one of the pics. plus that one of you right before the hike is good.

i can't believe it was actually "cool" at the play. i'm so jealous!

courtney said...

i love that you hiked the Y. i lived there for-EVER and never did. what is my problem? and i'm jealous of your trip to campus. it has been ages since i've been there.

sound of music is also a buer family fave. it is our sunday night movie. every sunday. and sometimes between sundays. sam and ada love it and always sing "so long, farewell" to each other. i bet it was fun to see the production! plus, it was outdoors. that makes everything better.

Niederfam said...

So fun and SOOOO busy. I love it. I'm calling ALL "vacations" with kids, TRIPS now, or change of scenery, I don't know, but they are NOT relaxing at least mine aren't. ;)