Thursday, July 07, 2011

J4W, Part: Sunday

Sunday started out with us all going to church. At different times, though. Ben took the 3 oldest kids and went at 9am with my parents. Lucy was sleep deprived from everything going on the past few days (plus the awakening in the night on Saturday when fireworks started going off right next to her window! poor gal woke up and was probably quite surprised to be held by someone she'd never seen before. she took a little while to fall back asleep that night - like not until 12:30ish. ugh.) Anyways, so I let her take her morning nap and then went to Sacrament with Lucy at 11. After church and lunch we went to SLC to Temple Square, mainly to the Church History Museum. They have a section for kids and so we thought we'd check it out.

They have all these little sections with stories and an accompanying activity. It was pretty cute and the kids enjoyed themselves:
Fishing on "Nephi's boat."

Oh! Look what Jonas caught!

I'm not sure what Lucy is holding - a tarantula? Scary, but it entertained her for quite a bit.

They had a cute video of some Latino lady doing dances and you are suppose to try and do what she did. It was pretty adorable.

This girl never gets enough of spinning in skirts!

They had a bunch of other activities that were fun, too. It was hot, though, that afternoon and so we didn't spend much time walking around the Temple.

We got home and practically had dinner waiting for us. How nice is that!? The kids of course spent some time in the garage - again.
Curlers don't get in the way of this little gal. :)


erinmalia said...

i didn't know they played in the garage. funny.

courtney said...

all i heard was "dinner waiting for us" - - you could end there and it would be the perfect day. also, emmy's curls are SO CUTE.