Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Stairmaster

Lucy is 11-months today!

Lucy is our very own Stairmaster. She started crawling a couple of weeks ago - taking a few crawls at a time. When we got back from our trip to my parent's home she really took off with crawling. Then the next day (it seems) she started up with her fascination of stair-climbing. And oh boy does she love it. She goes all the way to the very tippy top. She's quite good, but of course I have to (get to) stand behind her the whole time. We have yet to get gates because I'm not super excited about using them (won't it be a challenge for the other kids?). Plus we have three (3!) sets of stairs in our house. Plus back steps in the backyard. So when we're outside, too, of course all she wants to do is climb those little stairs. Wow. I really thought I'd have a few months until all this. I thought with her being so late in crawling that she would just be later with everything. Tricked ya! says Lucy.

She's just in to everything. Pulling up on everything. Pulling everything out of drawers, boxes, etc. Ripping up papers. It's rather delightful in a totally non-delightful sort of way. Make sense?


courtney said...

i have to say, the stair-fascination stage is the WORST! ada was gaga for them too. LOTS of climbing up and falling down - then and now. but i'm glad miss lucy is mastering them! the sooner she does, the less you have to follow her around! (or do you have to follow her around more because she can get into more parts of the house?...)

erinmalia said...

yeah, i can't imagine having to baby-proof three sets of stairs. ugh. we have a gate that can open, so it's not impossible for rhett. however, the opening mechanism isn't the easiest, so it actually is impossible. but maybe there are easier ones. of course, i wouldn't want to buy three of them!

cute girl. :)

Emily said...

Darling smiles! The month shirts you do for her are so cute!